Health Consequences of Untreated Allergies

30 Oct 13

Allergy-TreatmentMany people view their allergies to pollen, mold, pets and other allergens as a seasonal or periodic nuisance. However many allergic reactions grow worse from prolonged exposure. Periodic episodes of intense exposure can bring on stronger allergy symptoms. Untreated allergies also pose the risk for recurring health side effects that include skin, ear and nasal discomfort and infection. This is why contacting Innovative Health and Wellness in Woodstock to properly diagnose and treat your allergies is so important.

Some common side effects of untreated allergies include –

Skin Infection

Allergic contact dermatitis usually presents such uncomfortable symptoms that patients voluntarily end exposure to the substance that caused it, such as latex, essential oils and certain plants. Untreated allergies in the skin will fade, but without treatment will recur the next time the patient encounters the substance.

Sinus Infection

Airborne allergens such as ragweed pollen, mold spores, cat dander and dust mites affect the respiratory system, producing classic hay fever-type symptoms of sneezing, runny nose and congestion. Patients with untreated allergies can then often experience sinusitis. If untreated, bacterial or fungal sinus and ear infections can pop up again and again in people with immune systems weakened by frequent allergic reactions.

Lung Disease

Untreated allergies make asthma patients sick more often and subject to severe, life-threatening asthma attacks. They can also give rise to more allergies to other substances.

All of the above are reasons why proper diagnosis and treatment of allergies is so important.

Innovative Health and Wellness offers allergy testing in our Woodstock office. We utilize skin tests since they are the gold standard in allergy testing and provide the fastest results, at less cost than blood testing and is generally fully covered by most major insurance plans.

At Innovative Health and Wellness we test for 48 of the most common allergens that are prevalent in the southeast.  This includes dander and pelt of cat, dog epithelia, horse dander, molds, and pollens from weeds, grasses, and trees.

After diagnosis of which allergens present a problem to your health, as well as a consultation with our staff and the patient, a customized immunosuppressant therapy unique to each patient is developed.

For more specific information on our Allergy Testing services, visit the “Lifestyle Services” section of our website and click on the link to allergy testing.

To schedule your consultation regarding allergy testing at our office in Woodstock, call us at 770-926-4646 or use the convenient “Contact” feature on our website.

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