Allergy Testing Now Available at Innovative Health and Wellness in Woodstock

20 Aug 13

Allergy Testing Innovative Health and Wellness Woodstock GACases of people suffering from allergies is on the rise and Innovative Health and Wellness is pleased to announce that we will now be offering allergy testing in our Woodstock office. One in five Americans, approximately 60 million people, suffer from allergies, this number has more than doubled since 1995, and results in 13.4 million visits to the doctor a year.

Skin tests are the gold standard in allergy testing providing the fastest results, at less cost than blood testing while generally fully covered by most major insurance plans.

At Innovative Health and Wellness we test for 48 of the most common allergens that are prevalent in the southeast.  This includes dander and pelt of cat, dog epithelia, horse dander, cockroach, dust mites, molds, and pollens from weeds, grasses, and trees.

Why Innovative Health and Wellness for Allergy Testing?

We are your best choice for allergy testing because we are familiar with your overall health goals. Innovative Health and Wellness is involved in the long term care of all of our patients – physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  Data has shown patients with an ongoing relationship with their medical providers have better overall outcomes.

How is Allergy Treatment Administered?

Based on consultation between our staff and the patient and complying with insurance requirements, customized immunosuppressant therapy specific to each patient will be compounded for either subcutaneous (injection) or sublingual (oral) administration.

Immunotherapy is not appropriate for patients with unstable coronary artery disease, autoimmune disease, unstable asthma, patients using beta-blockers, severe psychological disorders, history of anaphylaxis to environmental allergens and pregnant women.

If you suffer from constant or seasonal allergies, your next step is a consultation at Innovative Health and Wellness to see if allergy testing is the appropriate next step.   Contact us by phone at 770-926-4646 or via the Contact Us section here on our website.

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