Benefits of Male Hormone Therapy

03 Dec 13

Woodstock GA - Male Hormone Replacement TherapyWhen you think of hormone replacement therapy, you might think it’s only for women; however similar to women, male hormones gradually decrease with age.

According to Harvard Medical School, male hormones start to decrease as early as the 30s. Depending on how low levels of testosterone drop and whether symptoms are present, male hormone replacement therapy may be recommended. Testosterone is the main male hormone responsible for both development of the testes and the secondary male sexual characteristics. When levels become low, whether it’s due to aging, injury or a medical condition, symptoms may develop.

If a testosterone deficiency is suspected, a blood test to measure total testosterone levels will be performed. 

A deficiency in testosterone is the main indication for hormone replacement therapy in men. Although a gradual decrease occurs with aging, other conditions can cause a younger male to have a low testosterone level. Side effects from chemotherapy, renal failure, injury to the testicles and stress can all lead to a testosterone deficiency. Klinefelter’s Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder, also causes low testosterone levels.

Symptoms of low testosterone in men include a decrease in muscle mass and body hair. Increased body fat may develop along with mild anemia. Some men may also develop osteoporosis. A decrease in sex drive and erectile dysfunction may also occur with a testosterone deficiency. In addition to physical symptoms, concentration and memory can be affected, and depression can develop.

For men who have symptoms due to low testosterone, there are several benefits with taking male hormone replacement therapy. Therapy can also improve memory and mood in some men. Male hormone replacement therapy may also prevent bone loss, and some evidence suggests it may lower cholesterol levels. Some men also have an increase in their energy levels. Although testosterone therapy won’t usually improve strength, it can help a man become leaner.

At Innovative Health and Wellness, natural hormone replacement therapy is effective, convenient, and discreet. After an initial blood draw, to test hormone levels, the patient returns for one more appointment, in order to collect the results. If hormone replacement therapy is a good fit, the first dose will be administered at the clinic, with a demonstration on how to self-administer the ensuing doses. For more information you can visit our services page if you – Click Here

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