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18 Jan 16

As human beings, there are a lot of experiences we share. Some of them are good, like feeling rested after a good night’s sleep, or the breeze blowing on your face during a pleasant morning. Other experiences, such as neck pain, aren’t so good.

Here’s where it can become problematic. If there’s the slightest deviation within the relationship between the bones of the cervical spine, a person can feel pain. Head and neck mobility can become extremely limited as well. But why does it happen in the first place?

First, neck strain or whiplash can cause tension between the bones of the cervical spine. Also, if you catch a viral infection of the throat, your lymph nodes can swell, which puts a strain upon your neck. Poor posture can create problems, and if you’ve ever slept in a weird position overnight, you know all about that ache. Neck pain can even be psychosomatic. If you’re under physical or emotional stress, your body can subconsciously create neck pain.

The good news is, neck pain is very treatable. Chiropractic neck adjustments and spinal manipulation have been proven to be a safe and natural treatment method. Do yourself a favor and contact Innovative Health and Wellness. With years of experience and a focus on a full body and comprehensive approach, we can help you feel better, sleep easier and return to enjoying life. If you’re in Woodstock and in need of an experienced chiropractor, we’re here to help.

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