What exactly does a chiropractor do? Woodstock Chiropractor

27 Feb 18

As I have been in practice for over twenty years this is a question that there is a lot of misconceptions about: what exactly does a chiropractor do? I have been a practicing chiropractor in Woodstock Georgia for over 20 years and I have treated thousands of patients in Woodstock and the surrounding Atlanta areas.

To answer this question we must first evaluate and explain that chiropractors find and detect misalignments in the spine. We do this by a variety of methods including but not limited to; physical examination, x-rays, thermal scanning, range of motion studies and more.

Once we have determined that a misalignment is present, we can then adequately address the misalignment and treat it appropriately. This then begs the question-what exactly does a chiropractor do to treat the misalignment? This is where there is a lot of misinformation. What we do, is we use our hands or an instrument to adjust the misaligned vertebrae back into its normal alignment. Some potential new patients think that we “pop and crack” bones back into place. This creates a lot of fear in potentially new patients who have never been adjusted before. The truth is that when doing manual adjustments a patient may hear a “cracking” sound which is  not the bones “cracking.” It is simply the release of nitrogenous gas in the joint. It is the equivalent of packaging bubbles that are filled with compressed air that when pressed create a “popping sound.” For patients that do not feel comfortable with this type of adjustment we offer lower force adjustments with instruments that do not create any “popping sound.” Either way, the goal is not to necessarily hear anything but to return the misaligned vertebrae back to its normal alignment. From my experience, the adjustment should never, ever hurt. It should actually feel really good.

The difference with our chiropractic office in Woodstock Georgia is that we also have medical professionals on staff. We have a medical office in which we also do chiropractic care. This should give added assurance to any new potential patients that we are very concerned about your overall health and make sure we are diligent in making sure that our patients are good candidates for chiropractic care .Once we accept you as a patient we are very confident that we can help you with a wide array of ailments that you may be suffering from : back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, headaches, tight and uncomfortable muscular pains and a whole host of other similar ailments.

In addition, I have spent my entire adult life in the fitness industry and I am an avid exercise/yoga person. I incorporate that into the chiropractic treatments that we provide. We do this so that we can reach our mission of “transforming our patients lives so they have the absolute highest quality of life possible,”

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Woodstock Georgia, look no further. Give our office a call and we  can get you in to see the best chiropractor in town.Please give us a call or comment below with any questions you may have-(770) 926-4646


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