Turn New Year’s Resolutions into Achievements

19 Dec 13

Turn New Year’s Resolutions into Achievements2013 is ending, the new year is around the corner, and now is a great time to learn how to set goals for yourself so that you can make effective New Year’s resolutions! Of course may already be thinking about weight loss, organization, or some other ambiguous concept of self-improvement, but can you put your goals into a plan that will stick? Many New Year’s resolutions won’t make it to February, but you can succeed in setting goals, with a little bit of effort. This year, make it really count, by choosing goals that put you on the path to optimum health.

When you’re learning how to set goals for yourself, the first step is to make sure you have a manageable plan. Write down your resolutions, and use specific language, rather than vague concepts. “I will exercise twice a week and eat an extra helping of vegetables each day” is much more actionable than “I will be healthier this year”. Lofty ambitions can throw you off track, so keep your goals small enough to accomplish, and set a clear timetable for completion. Be realistic- you’re probably not going to lose 25 pounds by Valentine’s Day, so making that goal is likely to discourage you into inaction. Do you lack inspiration? Innovative Health and Wellness has some suggestions for New Year’s resolutions that will get you on track for attaining your own optimum health.

  • Incorporate more healthy eating habits as part of a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss may not be one of your goals, but eating better is always beneficial to your health.
  • If it is time to lose weight, have a reasonable weight loss plan in place. Fad diets are plentiful, but they can lead to poor health and frustration. On the other hand, when you make healthy choices, you will benefit your whole body in the long run. If you don’t know how to begin, the medical professionals at Innovative Health and Wellness can help you find a weight loss solution that works for you.
  • Embrace a good habit to replace a bad one. You might want to break a bad habit like smoking or gossiping. Putting a good habit in place of the bad one is much more effective than just trying to quit.
  • Resolve to create a workout for your mind. Maybe you’ll commit to reading one book each month, or maybe you’re ready to set aside 20 minutes each day to write. You might want to take a class and learn a new skill, or maybe you just want to make a conscious effort to learn from others, and find new ways of stretching your brain.
  • Keep your plan simple. If, for example, you want better oral health, you might make a resolution to floss each night. If you want to drink more water, plan to carry a water bottle with you all day. If you are worried about finding time to fit in exercise, park further away from work. Small, simple steps can make a big difference in the long run, adding up to big lifestyle changes.
  • Don’t shy away from asking for help. Help means different things to different people- it could be a support group, a friend who will hold you accountable, or advice from a medical professional. Sometimes, just taking the time to listen to other people and learn from their experiences can help you clarify your own intentions and goals.
  • Live with purpose. Increase your awareness of the impact of your everyday actions, and you’ll want to make them count. The small things you do and say every day add up to the life you are living, so make sure that the choices you are making are keeping you pointed toward the goals you want to reach.

If you’re resolution is to have a healthier body and mind, Innovative Health and Wellness can help. Embracing a holistic healing approach to medicine, we offer a variety of physical medicine practices to help patients reach their wellness goals and achieve optimum health. Whether you’re looking for a medical weight loss solution, relief from chronic pain, or just a path to a healthier life, contact us at InnovativeHealthAndWellness.com or by calling (770) 926-4646.

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