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26 Mar 2014

Osteoarthritis - Innovative HealthKnee pain affects people of all ages and physical conditions, from athletic teens to seniors, busy moms to soccer-playing dads. You are likely to experience knee pain at some point in your life, particularly if you play sport or you are overweight. Part of the problem is the joint’s complexity . The knee joint provides a wide range of movement and is bound up with many muscles and tendons. If you suffer a problem with any of these tendons, ligaments, or muscles then you will have a problem with pain. The following are the most frequent reasons for experiencing knee pain and discomfort:

Mechanical Problems, Injuries and Other Knee Issues

  1. Osteoarthritis. Most frequently suffered by seniors, although it is a problem for people of all ages, osteoarthritis affects the knee as well as other joints in the body.
  2. Tendonitis. If you injure your knee you may cause inflammation in the tendons, the tough fibers of tissue that connect bone to muscle in the knee joint. One form of tendonitis in the knee is called jumper’s knee.
  3. Bursitis. Inflammation can also occur in the bursae, the fluid-filled sacs that cushion the joint. Pain and swelling in this area are common.
  4. Dislocated kneecap. It is common to suffer a dislocated kneecap when playing sport. The cap slides out of position in the knee and causes inflammation.
  5. Loose cartilage and chips of bone. Sometimes a small piece of bone or cartilage will break off and begin to “float” around in the spare space in the knee joint. When this happens you feel pain, and you also find it difficult to move the joint.
  6. Gout. Another form of arthritis, gout is an intensely painful condition caused by a build-up of uric crystals in the knee joint.
  7. Medial plica syndrome. The fold of tissue called the plica is located within the knee joint and overuse of the knee can result in inflammation and irritation.
  8. Iliotibial band syndrome. This strip of hard tissue connects the hip bone to your shin. Overuse of this tissue results in irritation and inflammation.

Knee Problems and Treatment

If you feel pain in your knee it is best to get the problem looked at by a specialist. The many issues that can cause knee pain mean it is important to get a professional diagnosis. There are many treatment options available, some of which are explained in the following article.


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Maria.D & James.G

Super exciting to have my husband feel and perform like he was 20 years old again. Thank you to the entire staff at Innovative Health and Wellness.

Before:235lbs, Now 165lbs, Goal 155lbs.

Before:235lbs, Now 165lbs, Goal 155lbs.
I had been yo-yo dieting for several years after having kids, trying to lose the extra weight I had gained when pregnant. I tried just about every diet out there and failed at each one of them because they weren't sustainable. I was introduced to the Ketogenic diet in June of 2018 and thats when my weight loss journey truly began. I give credit to Innovative Health & Wellness by keeping me accountable in my weight loss journey with weekly weigh ins, support from the entire team and educated coaching. I'm loving my new lifestyle and finally feel comfortable in my own skin!

Nicole M.

“I have been to a number of chiropractors and orthopedist. Dr Orlando has been the only one that has relieved my shoulder pain!”*

Sade P.

“Dr. Duke and Dr. Orlando are amazing! Great customer service from all the staff members. Keep of the good work!”*

Mandy D.

“Love this place! Stefania and Valerie at the front desk are so sweet:) They always have smiles on their faces, and are so helpful! I came here at the recommendation of a friend after being rear ended in a wreck, and having awful neck pain. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first because I am a very private person, and it is difficult for me to have people in my personal space, but the whole staff made me feel so comfortable! Dr. Orlando is so kind and gentle. He really puts your mind at ease, and just makes you feel better!!! I don’t know how they do it, but no matter what kind of day I’ve had at work, I always leave this place smiling:) Thanks for taking such great care of me!!!”*

Dyana B.

“I have been going to Innovative for almost 7 months for weight loss and it has been an awesome experience! I have lost 60 pounds and definitely could not have done it without the support and encouragement of the staff! I go there every week for weigh-ins and blood pressure checks, and they have become like family to me. They go through my highs and lows with me, and keep me on track. It has been a life-changing experience, and I would highly recommend Innovative if you are ready to lose weight and lead a healthier life!”*

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