Tips for Weight Loss this Fall Season

22 Oct 14

Between the pumpkin pie and the Halloween candy, most of us are more prone to gaining a couple pounds during the fall season. The holiday season is filled with parties, festivals, and feasts, all covered with delicious indulgences that only come once a year. The temptation to take advantage of these treats runs high and too often we let it get away from us. One large, fully loaded, pumpkin spice latte a week turns into one a day. That’s an extra 500 calories a day. Then with the cold weather, it gets hard to wake up at 6 am to go on that run. The fall season can offer hurdles for a person trying to cut a few pounds or making a lifestyle change. We have a few tips for what you can do to stay on track this fall season!


Exercise (Go Figure)


Of course we’d include this. The dreaded exercise portion of a weight loss plan. However, it is vital because exercise burns calories, keeps the body strong, and boosts metabolism.The key to a proper exercise plan is to create something that you know you can stick to. Make an effort to set aside some time in your schedule that you know you can stick to. Once you do that, create a balanced mix of cardio (running, biking, swimming), weightlifting (calisthenics and free weights), and some form of fun exercise like sports, rock climbing, or hiking. Mix up your exercise plan so that you don’t get bored. If you miss a workout, don’t let the rest slip. Keep at it.


Avoid pastas, white breads, and sugar


Any kind of white bread, pasta, or other carbohydrate that is high in sugar will slow down your metabolism. The body breaks down these foods very rapidly, creating shorts bursts of energy. The body doesn’t use all of this energy and it stores the rest as fat. Try eating whole grain foods, as these process slower and fill you up more. Also try avoiding sugary drinks and foods because sugar will add up quickly.


Don’t go to any party or festival hungry


Typically, at any kind of fall themed event, there will be snacks available. Those snacks, more than likely, are funnel cakes, candy apples, hotdogs, and cheeseburgers. If you go hungry to these events, you will only be that much more tempted to get something there. Try eating a large meal before you go that consists of a small salad, some whole grain pasta, and some chicken or fish.


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