The Most Common Hormone Replacement Therapy Myths

20 Oct 15

Between your savvy friend who knows everything, the expert at Whole Foods, and the lady who does your hair, you’ve likely heard everything under the sun about hormone replacement therapy in Woodstock – some things true and some things false! Today we’re going to look at the biggest myths and misconceptions we hear about hormone replacement therapy and debunk them once and for all.

  • Myth #1: Local vaginal estrogen and oral estrogen carry the same risks. The fact is that the FDA class labeling requires all products that have the same ingredient in them to have the same warning on them – even if that problem indicated by the warning has never been demonstrated in the product! That’s why the risks associated with oral estrogens are listed on your vaginal estrogen rings, creams, and tablets even though they’ve never been shown to actually have these complications.
  • Myth #2: Bio-identical hormones are “natural”. The only way to get a “natural” bioidentical hormone is to go and eat that soy plant or drink horse urine. Weird? We know. It’s important that you understand that all plant-derived hormone preparations, whether they’re from a commercial or compounding pharmacy, require a chemical process in order to synthesize the final product. Then it can be put into a pill, spray, patch, or cream.

In the future, we’ll explore other myths and misconceptions we frequently hear about hormone replacement therapy. If you have any questions, feel free to call us or stop by one of our convenient locations in Woodstock and Buckhead.

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