How To Survive the Sugar Detox During Medical Weight Loss

22 Mar 17

With the new year almost a quarter of the way through, we still want to be focusing on medical weight loss for our patients at Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead. Our medical weight loss is the perfect program to get the well-rounded help you deserve. Our wellness centers main goal is to get you feeling great physically and mentally. Our program designs a unique nutrition plan and exercise regimen, as well as offers appetite suppressants and B12 injections. If you are tired of feeling sluggish, overweight, and are ready to take control of your life, give us a call today.

One of the big things we may need you to do during your medical weight loss program is cut back on many of things in your current diet. One of the worst things you are putting into your body is processed foods, and more importantly, sugar. Our medical weight loss experts wants to show you how much more you’ll benefit from eating an apple than a piece of cake. However, breaking the habit is harder than you think. Your body craves sugar and processed foods like a drug. Sugar acts this way because it affects the pleasure receptors in our brain. When you focus on this factor, you begin to understand why you may feel irritated, tired, and sick-like when you give up this sweet treat. We want to let you know that giving up sugar and detoxing is very difficult, but it is extremely rewarding.

While we know this can be a trying time, especially because of your cravings, we wanted to give you some tips and food concepts to help you while you’re detoxing off the sweet stuff.

How to Detox Off Sugar for Medical Weight Loss

Pick Your Course

There are a few ways to detox and one may be better for you than the other. One way is to start gradually and the other is to cut everything all at once. Either way, you are eventually cutting out the substances that negatively affect your body and weight. One way you can do this is if you don’t want to quit immediately to start cutting down during each meal. Eventually, you will get down to pure nutrients and you will be well on your way to feeling and looking great.

Remember the Goal

Even though you may be in a bad mood the first three days, remember why you came to our medical weight loss. You are most likely sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Our professional staff is well-versed in nutrition, exercise, and successful weight loss plans to get you where you want and need to be. Your overall goal when asked to rid your lifestyle of sugar is to do just that, cut out all the added sugars that are found in drinks, processed foods, desserts, and so forth. The good news is that some sugar is good for your body, like ones that come from fruit. Your new routine should be reaching for an orange when you want a piece of chocolate.innovative-health-cta

 Best Detox Diet for Medical Weight Loss

Here are some great meal alternatives to help you stay on task and to keep your medical weight loss on track.

Breakfast– If you loved having sweets like Poptarts, cereal, and waffles, it’s time to ditch them. Instead, opt for some oatmeal with your own added fresh fruit. If this still isn’t sweet enough for you, go ahead and add some raw honey.

Lunch – You should have a well-balanced lunch to avoid sugar cravings in the afternoon. Having greens with a protein like chicken, fish, or red meat will be filling, delicious, and should hopefully keep you full until your next meal.

Afternoon Snack– So, a sugar craving has hit, and it’s a big one. Don’t panic and put the donut down. Make sure you have some fruit on hand, as this should give you the sweet fix you need. If you are just hungry in general, try some vegetables and your favorite type of hummus.

Dinner– While you may be avoiding sugars, as long our team has not suggested paleo, you may have whole wheat. A great meal option is a whole wheat pasta dish or another meal of protein and vegetables.

Dessert– While you may want that pint of ice cream in the freezer, you don’t need it! Create a variety of fresh fruit that is different from the morning. Fruit not only has the sweetness you may crave it also has a ton of fiber, which keep you full longer.

These are some great tips and meal ideas to get you started. The road ahead may be tough, but we are here as your support. At Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead, our medical weight loss team is here for all your needs. We create plans that are tailored specifically for you that include nutritious and delicious food that your body has been craving. We design exercise plans that are tailored to your fitness level, Finally, we have the option of appetite suppressants, if the cravings become too intense along with B-12 shots. As you can see, there’s a motive behind our madness. While you may be thinking this is might be impossible, it’s not. In Buckhead, we don’t believe in the impossible. Call us today to change your life and check out our next blog with tips to curb your sugar cravings.

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