Supartz Knee Therapy FAQs

09 Apr 14

Supartz Knee Therapy If you suffer from knee arthritis it can be hard to know where to turn for treatment – surgery is painful and results in a long recovery time, medication can be addictive and result in side effects; diet and exercise can be limited in their effectiveness. Knee arthritis makes it difficult to move around and to relax; the condition needs to be treated. Thankfully there is another option – Supartz knee therapy that offers the chance to move more freely and feel less pain. If you have queries about this treatment plan, read below for the answers to commonly asked questions.

  • What is Supartz Therapy?

Supartz therapy is a series of injections into the knee joint to treat the pain associated with knee arthritis.

  • What is in the Injection?

The active component injected into the knee joint is a pure form of sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronan), a substance that is found in the joints. When found in the fluid surrounding the joints it helps to protect and cushion the joints and prevent pain when moving. Using the injection to treat knee arthritis is a way to supplement the existing fluid and provide more of a cushioning effect.

  • How are the Injections Administered?

A licensed clinician will handle the procedure and inject the solution directly into the site of the pain. First, a local anesthetic may be given. The number of injections you need depends on the severity of the pain and your overall health. The treatment plan will be put together based on your individual circumstances.

  • Are there any Side Effects?

As Supartz therapy doesn’t involve medication or surgery there are few side effects or adverse reactions associated with the procedure. Most people do not feel any discomfort when the injections are given. You may experience some irritation or pain at the site of the injection but this will quickly pass.

  • What are the Benefits of Supartz Knee Therapy?

Choosing Supartz over surgery or medication cuts the risk of side effects and also ensures you can be active again shortly after the treatment has been administered. It is best if you avoid strenuous activities after the injection but you don’t have to rest your knee and you will also benefit from supplementing the treatment with gentle physical therapy or exercise. Supartz is a proven way to gain pain relief from the problematic condition of knee arthritis, and has been tested to ensure its safety.

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