Stop Creating Pitfalls on Your Path to Fitness and Optimal Health

27 Jun 16

Are you guilty of being your own worst enemy?

When it comes to sustained weight loss, reaching fitness and health goals in a sensible manner, we often stand in our own paths to success; our thoughts and excuses becoming obstacles that nobody, but ourselves, placed in the way. By allowing ourselves negative talk and excuses, we forget to be our own biggest fans and instead choose to derail ourselves through sabotage. Don’t fall into this trap on your path to physical fitness. As medical weight loss professionals in Buckhead, we offer a number of tools to our clients to help support their goals, alleviating the pressure felt by our own negative talk. You can get there by avoiding these self-sabotaging lies and excuses:

    1. I worked out hard today; I deserve this. Don’t use junk food as a reward for your efforts, it is a surefire way to wipe out any gains you’ve accomplished. Remember, that those added fat and sugar grams do more than just add calories to your daily intake; they harm your heart, raise your blood sugar and decrease energy. Find a different reward to seek pleasure in.
    2. I ate healthy all week, the weekend is my time to splurge. Oh, how tempting this lie is. The truth is, however, that you can’t treat your body like it can simply overlook the influx of calories and fat that you throw into it just because your calendar says that it’s Sunday Funday. Keep focused and have fun while keeping your indulgences to a minimum.
    3. It’s just a couple of bites. I’ll be fine. Sure it’s fine; if you can truly stick to just a few bites. But for many of us, one bite leads to many more and can even touch off the self-deprecating act of a full-fledged Ben & Jerry’s binge; because after all, you’ve already “blown it”.  Don’t give yourself the opportunity to indulge and you won’t have to face yourself after you’ve come up for air from that pint of Cherry Garcia.
    4. I take supplements so I can cut a few nutritional corners. High-quality, nutrient-dense foods are always recommended for truly organic means of nutrition though some supplements can fill the holes that you may lack in your diet. However, a boat-load of supplements will never undo the damage, or remove the toxins, that processed foods create within your body. Stick to foods that don’t need a label, and you’ll do yourself a world of good.

Drop the self-sabotaging excuses, and improve your health and quality of life, with our medical weight loss services at Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead. We offer free comprehensive consultations for all potential clients at 404-566-8950. We look forward to helping you begin your path to wellness.

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