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24 May 2017
Signs You May Be Starting Menopause & Effective Treatment Options

Many women think they are too young to start menopause, but the average age for women in the United States to start experiencing menopausal symptoms is 51. It’s common for women to start experience symptoms in their mid to late 40’s. Doctors don’t consider menopause to be early unless you start experiencing symptoms before the age of 40, which surprises many women who feel too young to be starting this new phase of their life.

So are you experiencing the early symptoms of menopause? Or could the symptoms you are experiencing be due to other physical factors? It can be hard to be sure in the beginning, but it’s important to identify your symptoms so you can get the help, support, and medical treatment that you need. Menopause is a big change for your body and can affect your emotions, your relationships, and virtually every area of your life. Self-care, hormone replacement, and other treatments can help you get through it. Make sure you know the signs and symptoms so you can start those treatments as early as possible.

Possible Signs of Menopause

Changes in your menstrual cycle.

This is an easy sign to spot, especially if you’ve always experienced regular menstrual cycles. If your cycles are erratic, though, it might be more difficult. Many women experience changes in their cycles at the onset of menstruation that includes their period becoming more painful, heavier or lighter, or suddenly going off-schedule.

Having hot flashes or night sweats.

This is one of the more well-known symptoms of menopause, so for many women, it’s the first symptom that clues them into the changes happening in their body. It’s not entirely known what causes hot flashes, but it’s thought to be due to the change in hormone levels or due to the effects on the hypothalamus.

Experiencing unexplained changes in mood.

Some women say that going through menopause is like going through a second puberty when it comes to their emotions. They aren’t wrong, at least from a physical standpoint. Your hormones are changing rapidly, and that can have an effect of making you more sensitive, irritable, prone to bouts of depression, or anxious. You might experience massive mood swings, as well, feeling happy one minute and sobbing over a commercial the next.

Changes in your libido.

This can be a frustrating symptom for both you and your partner. Women often feel less sexual as they enter menopause. It might be a decrease in their libido, vaginal dryness, irritable mood, or any number of other factors. While it’s natural, it’s not fun and it can have an effect on your relationships.

How to Manage Your Symptoms

One of the most effective ways to manage your menopause symptoms is through hormone replacement therapy. We offer this treatment in our Buckhead and Woodstock locations. This treatment involves naturally boosting the hormones in your body to replace the levels that are dropping due to menopause. This can help ease or even stop many of the symptoms you are experiencing, including helping level out your mood, give you back your sex drive, and putting a stop to hot flashes. Hormone replacement can help you feel your best even as you go through this major physical change.

If you are interested in learning more about hormone replacement therapy in our Buckhead or Woodstock locations, get in touch with our office to schedule a complimentary consultation.



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Before:235lbs, Now 165lbs, Goal 155lbs.
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