How Does Salt Affect My Body?

28 Jul 16

Going far beyond simple calorie counting, the nutritional aspect of our medical weight loss programs in Buckhead was developed to help educate participants about food and how it affects each of us. It isn’t rare to hear from patients that no matter what they, they can’t seem to lose weight on a consistent basis, and then keep it off. We have found that this is because healthy weight loss entails so much more than just stopping calorie intake at a certain level. It is dependent on a variety of contributing factors, most of important of which is the QUALITY of the calories you ingest. Unfortunately, though not high in wasted calories, like sugar, too much salt can be a killer when it comes to your weight loss efforts. In excess, salt can be detrimental to our organs and their functions in a variety of ways. In the United States, about 10 percent of all heart-related deaths are said to be linked to too much sodium. Cutting down your intake can help you avoid the following:

  • Increased risk of stroke – Even young people run the risk of stroke by ingesting too much salt. Cut back on processed foods and eating out to avoid high amounts of sodium.
  • Elevated blood pressure – A study by the British Medical Journal supports what we’ve been told for decades, there is a direct correlation between salt intake and blood pressure. Put down that salt shaker and lower your blood pressure.
  •  Stomach bloat – Salty foods cause water and fluid retention. Trapped fluids cause bloating. You do the math.
  • Increased kidney distress – Kidneys have a difficult time processing loads of salt, plus the increased blood pressure also puts strain on kidneys, giving them a double punch. Lower your salt intake and experience better kidney function.

Drop those unwanted pounds, and improve your health and quality of life, with our medical weight loss services at Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead. We offer free comprehensive consultations for all potential clients at 404-566-8950. We look forward to helping you begin your path to wellness.


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