The Role Protein Plays in Nutrition and Weight Loss

19 Jul 16

And Our Focus on Providing Sensible Medical Weight Loss and Nutritional Coaching

Low-fat. Low-carb. High-protein. Vegetarian. Vegan. The options in “dieting” are endless, and each proponent of these diets will adamantly stand by their research as to why you should concentrate on adding this or avoiding that. But one of the few aspects of nutrition, that most of these dietary pundits will agree on, is the importance of protein in the human diet.


Comprised of amino acids in polymer chains, protein, as a macro-nutrient, is absolutely essential in the growth and function of the human body. Found in all the cells of our bodies, in abundance second only to water; protein is needed for muscle growth and function, formation of blood cells, hair growth, skin health and organ function.

Though humans can produce non-essential amino acids, essential amino acids have to come from protein from either animal or plant sources. Debate still exists as to how much the body needs in daily intake of protein, however, current recommendations state that women should include about 46 grams of protein ind their daily diet, while men should aim for about 56 grams.

Ironically though, as a modern day society that understands the need and functions of protein in our body, we take in much less of it than our ancestors. Comprising only 15 percent of our western diet, our protein intake is considerably lower than hunter-gatherer diets at up to 35 percent of their diet. Where this is the basis for many of today’s more prominent diet fads, medical weight loss professionals have always understood the underlying need for plenty of healthy protein.

At Innovation Health and Wellness, our medical weight loss services include the provision of sensible nutrition guidance in order to attain healthy weight loss. Every aspect of our weight loss program is customized for each client and their specific medical, physical and nutritional needs.


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