Oxytocin hormone of love and bonding

23 Jan 12

Oxytocin is essential to a pregnant woman because it is responsible for the maternal bonding, feeding and cuddling of her child. It has been shown to help in postpartum depression. Oxytocin is also important for couple bonding and social interactions. Oxytocin is popular because it has been found to give us a feeling of generosity , good feeling, empathy, trust, soothe anxiety, and social anxiety.  Oxytocin  has been found to improve gut motility and decrease intestinal inflammation. Oxytocin helps with weight loss, pain, inflammation. Oxytocin causes one to gaze at their partner and become aroused and increase erection Oxytocin floods the brain during orgasm and many use it to increase the experience. That is why some people call it a love potion.

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