Myths & Facts About Low Testosterone

20 Oct 15

There has been a recent flood of information about hormone replacement therapy and low testosterone therapy, and with all the hype, it is inevitable that misconceptions and about low testosterone and its treatment will filter through what is truth. For more complete information, and to see if low testosterone therapy is right for you, we invite you to call either of our offices to schedule a discreet and comprehensive consultation. 


Always be cautious about starting low testosterone therapy. Not everyone needs testosterone supplements. You should always have a blood test done first to assess your testosterone levels before you begin any low testosterone supplements and treatments.


Your own lifestyle and habits can take a toll on your testosterone levels. There are a few lifestyle choices you can make that will have a negative effect on the amount of testosterone that your body produces. For example, smoking will reduce your testosterone levels. Being overweight/obese can also negatively impact your testosterone levels.


You can increase your sperm count with testosterone supplements. The idea seems logical – more male hormones mean more sperm, right? In truth, supplementing with testosterone can actually lower the amount of sperm that your body produces. When the pituitary gland senses high levels of testosterone in the body, it suppresses the release of luteinizing hormone, which can decrease sperm production.


You increase your risks of prostate cancer when you take testosterone supplements. While men who develop prostate cancer are often given medications to reduce the amount of testosterone in their bodies, that doesn’t mean that testosterone is a cancer-causing hormone.

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