Losing weight in 2015? Our Medical Weight Loss is the answer!

16 Jan 15

Weight-Loss-Program-300x231At the beginning of the year, most of us apply for gym memberships and raid the produce section of our local grocery store. It’s all in an attempt to kick a few bad habits. The changes are an attempt to be healthier and feel or look better. Often, many people stumble along the way to reaching their health of weight goals, trying to deprive themselves of food, causing a breakdown for worse foods. It actually makes you worse off to cut out large amounts of calorie because it deprives your body of essential nutrients. While you might see quick weight loss in a week or two, it isn’t healthy weight loss because you haven’t allowed you body to properly burn fat. At Innovative Health and Wellness, we want to see you burn healthy weight off and live a lifestyle that is full and prospering.

The medical weight loss plan that we have is comprehensive, evaluating man components of your lifestyle and habits in order to help you reach your health goals. Our highly trained staff can design a customized plan just for you that will maximize results while making you feel comfortable. Here are a couple things we can do for you to help your weight loss goals:


With the right exercise and diet programs, this FDA approved prescription medication has helped thousands of people to lose weight and reach their health goals. This prescription medication is completely safe and tested, keeping in line with a healthy lifestyle. Many people have even reported weight loss after no longer taking the prescription. Most people report that they keep the weight off after using the prescription.


The most essential component of any weight loss plan is the nutritional component. Most people try to just cut calories in an attempt to burn fat. It’s okay to watch your calories, but its not okay to cut out as many calories as possible. Your body needs some of those calories for vitamins and nutrients. The key here is eat foods that help the body and to eat the correct amount of them so that your body is functioning at its best. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat boring or tasteless foods. Our nutritionists can help you to develop of plan that will incorporate delicious and healthy foods for all of your meals.


Possibly one o the hardest parts of losing weight is implementing a consistent and effective workout plan. Our Physician will help guide you on which exercises are best for you and which types of activities you should partake in. They will then help you create a workout plan that will be best for your specific health goals in order to see you reach your milestones in a timely manner.

If you want to lose weight in 2015 the right way, don’t wait to call us at Innovative Health and Wellness to get your FREE consultation! Click here to see more information on Medical Weight Loss!


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