Living Pain Free After an Auto Accident

09 May 16

How Your Chiropractor in Woodstock Can Help

chiropractor WoodstockLindsey knew she was in trouble within just minutes after a car had slammed into the side of her vehicle; pinning her temporarily behind the steering wheel. But the pain she felt at the scene, paled in comparison to what she began to experience over the few days and weeks after the crash. Intense pain radiated from her neck, down between her shoulder blades and caused her to experience fleeting numbness in her arms and hands. She also began to get throbbing headaches that she found little relief from. Luckily, Lindsey had sought medical attention immediately following the accident but was left wondering what options she had for ridding herself of the recurring pain. Because she wished to avoid taking the inordinate amounts of pain medication prescribed to her, she soon decided to try alternative methods to find relief.

After an initial consultation and full physical examination at Innovative Health and Wellness, our team of chiropractors and doctors were able to help Lindsey by establishing a chiropractic treatment plan that included weekly adjustments and at-home exercises that promoted healing of her injured areas. Within months, Lindsey was able to enjoy pain-free and complete functionality; improving her physical and mental wellness and er overall quality of life.

Though Lindsey’s story is completely unique, and results vary between patients, we often experience the joy of helping a patient regain their livelihood after a car accident. With years of experience, backed by cutting-edge equipment and innovative techniques, our team of chiropractors and healthcare professionals are skilled in helping patients recover after personal injury leaves them in unrelenting pain.

Find out more about our chiropractic techniques and procedures by calling our Woodstock office to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you at 678-233-2926.

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