Living Healthier at Work

13 Feb 14

Unhappy Man At The DeskIf you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, implementing healthy eating habits, exercise, and other practices in order to reach our wellness goals, you may be frustrated by the time you spend at work. It can be difficult to live up to your own standards when you’re working all day, every day.  Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to bring your healthy lifestyle habits into your workplace.

  • Add some exercise to your morning routine. If it’s possible, consider walking or biking to your job. If it’s not possible, you can try to get in a morning workout, or even boost your activity level by parking far away from the building, and taking the stairs rather than the elevator. Remember, too, that your brain can also use a workout. Exercise your mind by listening to audio books or motivational CDs when you’re stuck in the car.
  • If attempts at morning exercise seem daunting, simply work out at your desk! Make a point to move throughout the day, tightening and releasing muscles, tapping your feet and stretching your arms, or even standing up to do lunges or jumping jacks.
  • Just because you quit smoking, you don’t have to give up your smoke breaks. Giving up smoking is extremely beneficial to your health, but taking periodic breaks, is a healthy habit to maintain. Instead of using your breaks to smoke, take a walk around the office, step outside for a breath of fresh air, or just stretch out and give your body a chance to realign.
  • Lay off the coffee. Coffee is a useful stimulant, but like anything else, it’s unhealthy if you become too dependent on it. Water is a much better choice to sip all day; green tea is another good choice, as it contains anti-oxidants that help promote health.
  • Pack a sack and some snacks. Eschew restaurants and vending machines in favor of lunches and snacks from home. Pack a well-balanced lunch, but also remember to bring fruit, raw vegetables, and nuts, to keep your energy level up throughout the day.
  • Make your own food at home, too. Even if you remember to pack a lunch, it can be tempting to stop and grab dinner somewhere on the way home. Making your meals at home allows you to choose the ingredients and shop for the best deals, which means better health for you and your wallet.
  • Don’t leave sleep off of your schedule. A broad range of research supports the idea that getting a good night’s sleep can improve your health, focus and productivity. Seven or eight hours is a good goal for most people, though that number may vary. An added bonus to the extra shut-eye? You may find that getting extra sleep helps you reach your weight loss goals.
  • Think about balance. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is one of the most important things you can do for your physical and mental well-being. Limit the time you spend working at home, setting clear boundaries that make it easier to leave the problems of the office in the office. Schedule quality time with friends and family, and you’ll bring joy to your own life while boosting your mood and strengthening your support system.

Innovative Health and Wellness embraces a holistic healing approach to wellness, operating from a state of the art facility. Treating a variety of conditions using non-invasive, holistic healing practices, the medical team at Innovative Health and Wellness also encourages patients to be proactive, making healthy lifestyle choices in order to reach their wellness goals.

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