Help for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

31 Mar 16

Even with easy access to chiropractic treatments, acupuncture and other alternative health care, many Americans still choose to undergo invasive back surgery rather than attempt less painful modes of care. Though the reasons for doing so vary, many back surgery patients find that the procedure left them with little results; some even experience new pain after surgery. This is often referred to as failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS).

FBSS, according to various experts, is the chronic back or neck pain that occurs when a spine surgery doesn’t achieve its expected results. Factors that contribute to this recurring pain include:

  • recurrent disc herniation
  • spinal nerve pressure
  • inhibited joint mobiity
  • scar tissue
  • facet or sacroiliac joint degeneration
  • muscle loss

Symptoms of failed back surgery syndrome include dull and aching pain involving the back or neck and possibly the legs and even arms. Patients often also complain of sharp, stabbing and burning pain in the extremities.

For those in Woodstock who have undergone the painful and invasive procedure of back surgery, yet still suffer from chronic pain, relief is available. Our chiropractors at Innovative Health & Wellness are trained and knowledgeable in the challenges of treating FBSS and can help manage your pain through gentle yet effective chiropractic adjustments. Your care will be personalized to you, addressing your particular issues to deliver the best results.

Call us for your free consultation today at 678-233-2926 in Woodstock or 404-566-8950 in Buckhead.



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