Good and Bad Exercises for Back Pain

06 Feb 15

Low Back PainMany Americans suffer from back pain that can be the result of any number of issues. It could be from a sports injury, scoliosis, general aging, damaged muscles, spinal issues, and many other problems. Often times, people either push through the pain and ignore it or they try to heal themselves with over the counter pain killers and heating pads. While these quick fixes may help, they certainly don’t resolve the root of the problem. One of the best things people can do for their back is to do everyday strengthening. Over time, this can be great for creating a better support system for the back. However, it has to be done right so here are a few good and bad examples of some back strengthening exercises:

 Bad Examples….

 Toe Touches:  These can be painful because they engage many muscles at once and can stretch out ligaments that may be damaged or strained. If you feel a sharp pain in your back, you may be doing more bad than good. Toe touches should be avoided until the muscles in the back are strong enough to perform the exercise without discomfort.

 Sit-Ups: Doing this abdominal exercise can actually be painful on the discs in the back. If you have a herniated or ruptured disc, this can put undue strain on it causing more damage. Many people often become unstable half way up and they feel sharp pains in the lower back. This is another exercise that should only be attempted if the individual already has some level of back strength.

 Good Examples….

 Half Crunches: This exercise is great for strengthening the entire core from the abdominals to the lower back. It is a mild exercise, so it is appropriate for people who have mild to moderate back pain. Lying on your back, knees bent, and arms crossed, lift your shoulders off the ground. Lower back down after a few seconds. Repeat this for 10 repetitions.

 Wall Sits: This exercise puts most of your weight to your legs while still engaging your back muscles for balance. It strengthens your legs, your core, and your lower back muscles. With your back against the wall, lower yourself into a sitting position while leaning against the wall. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds.

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