Exercising through the Knee Pain

17 Oct 14

At Innovative Health and Wellness, we know that knee pain can be a very frustrating problem. It affects everything from getting up in the morning, walking down the street, and even going from sitting to standing. However, the pain can be eased by doing some daily exercises and stretches. It’s vital to stay fit, even through knee pain, in order to help cure the symptoms. While serving the Atlanta area, we pair our Knee Therapy services with tips and advice for healthy knee care. Here are two good exercises for exercising your pained knee.

Wall Squat

This exercise is meant to strengthen the muscles around the knee to help offer better support. Start by placing your lower back against the wall. Slowly ease your way down into a modified squat position, going only as low as your knee feels comfortable. Do not over exert yourself as it may cause additional damage. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds and then slowly raise back up. Repeat this exercise for 1 minute.

One-Leg Dips

Standing between two chairs and using them as a support base, raise one leg up 12 inches off the ground and hold it out in front of you. Slowly, keeping a straight posture, bend your other leg like you are about to sit down. Only go down as far as you feel comfortable. Maintain this position for 5-10 seconds, and then raise back up. Repeat for both legs.


At Innovative Health and Wellness, we suggest maintaining a fit lifestyle, complemented by daily exercises like these to ease knee pain. We are thrilled to serve the Atlanta area and belief in the highest level of customer service. Check out our Knee Therapy page and see how you can get the right treatment for you. Contact us today and set up your consultation!


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