Can Chiropractic Care Help with Depression?

31 May 16

chiropractic help for depressionIt may come as a surprise to many that those who receive regular chiropractic treatments often experience mental and emotional boosts along with the physical benefits they receive. Doctors of chiropractic understand the coalition, however, as they know that every function of the body stems from the nervous system; including the brain and its mental functions. A study published by The Journal of Vertabral Subluxation Research reports that 73 percent of research participants experienced a “marked improvement” in their symptoms and their severity. Participants received postural analysis, exams, x-rays and chiropractic adjustments for upper cervical misalignment. Within just two weeks, the majority of patients found relief from their depression.

Besides chiropractic care, we recommend a healthy diet and some form of daily exercise. Studies have proven that by boosting levels of dopamine, moderate exercise can help prevent bouts of depression. Because depression can have detrimental effects on our physical bodies it is important that we view the body as working in conjunction with the mind and spirit and treat it as holistically as possible. Depression has been shown to cause chronic joint pain, gastrointestinal issues, insomnia appetite changes and may accelerate the aging process.

If talk therapy and prescriptions have not helped to completely alleviate your depression, we would love the opportunity to help. By examining you for the existence of upper cervical subluxations, and providing ongoing treatments, your chiropractor in Woodstock may just be able to lighten the load. Call us at 678-233-2926 for a personal consultation today.

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