How your Chiropractor Can Help Relieve you of that Headache

04 May 16

Approaching recurring headaches with a holistic health plan

The nausea. The blurred eyesight. The unrelenting pain. The extreme sensitivity to both light and sound. The sheer exhaustion. Those that suffer from migraines know and understand the signs of an oncoming migraine and though they take precautions to avoid them, once they begin, migraines are unstoppable. Lasting from anywhere between a few hours and a few days, migraines can completely debilitate its sufferer. Fortunately, chiropractic adjustments have been proven to reduce and eliminate migraines in a number of patients. According to, 22% of trial study participants said that they saw the number of attacks drop by about 90%. Almost half reported a significant reduction in pain intensity.

With almost 37 million Americans suffering from migraines with no cure for the intense headaches in sight. However, through a holistic approach to health care, chiropractors can alleviate the pressure to the nerves that may stimulate migraines and headaches. Factors that contribute to the occurrence of migraines include changes in the weather, stress, certain dietary choices, poor posture and family history of migraines.

By working as a partner in your health, your Woodstock chiropractor at Innovative Health and Wellness can develop a customized personal health plan to address the causes of your migraines and find natural pain relief. By encompassing chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercises and diet and lifestyle changes, we can help you find lasting relief from your recurring headaches.


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