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Chiropractic is a healing tool that dates back to the 4th century. A drug-free, non-surgical solution to a wide array of health issues, chiropractic adjustment has many applications for various stages of life. Whether chiropractic care is merely to optimize wellness, or the patient seeks pregnancy chiropractic, sports chiropractic, or even infant or pediatric chiropractic, the efficacy of the treatment is well-known.If you are looking for a chiropractor in Woodstock GA, look no further. Dr. David Orlando has been in practice for over 20 years and based on his passion for helping others he has amassed a loyal and dedicated following. These are just a few of the testimonials some of his patients have to say about him:

“First medical facility that made me feel like family! The best staff and best care! David Orlando is more than a doctor….He’s a wonderful human being!!” J.S.

“Dr. Dave Orlando is a miracle worker!” J.P.

“Love this place! Dr Orlando helped my frozen shoulder more than all the physical rehabs in the world. He knows his stuff.” A.K.

“The entire staff is attentive and informative. Dr. Orlando is so knowledgeable and takes such great care of each patients needs. Can’t wait to go back.” V.C.

  • *also check out the video below of a patient who specifically flew in from San Francisco to see Dr. Orlando just for the day!*

At Innovative Health and Wellness, our doctors often utilize chiropractic in conjunction with other services. Known for relieving stress and anxieties, chiropractic adjustments are also beneficial for myriad other ailments, from Myofascial pain syndrome, to digestive disorders, to insomnia, to soft tissue injuries. With highly trained medical professionals on staff, Innovative Health and Wellness is extremely useful in pain management, even chronic pain management.




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