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Myths & Facts About Low Testosterone

There has been a recent flood of information about hormone replacement therapy and low testosterone therapy, and with all the hype, it is inevitable that misconceptions and about low testosterone and its treatment will filter through what is truth. For more complete information, and to see if low testosterone therapy is right for you, we invite… read more

The Most Common Hormone Replacement Therapy Myths

Between your savvy friend who knows everything, the expert at Whole Foods, and the lady who does your hair, you’ve likely heard everything under the sun about hormone replacement therapy in Woodstock – some things true and some things false! Today we’re going to look at the biggest myths and misconceptions we hear about hormone… read more

Low Testosterone & Hormone Replacement Therapies: When are They Appropriate?

Have you noticed a recent decline in your energy levels, mood, and sex levels? As we age, hormone levels naturally drop, creating a variety of physical health issues that many find disconcerting at best, painful and emotionally-draining at worst. For those shown to have hormonal drops, low testosterone therapy can be a life-changing answer to… read more

Atlanta Low-Testosterone Treatment and Heart Disease

WebMD is finally saying what our Atlanta Testosterone Replacement Doctors have been saying for a long time. The webmd link Study: No Link Between Testosterone, Heart Attack Finding runs counter to some prior reports; much larger trials are needed, experts say WebMD News from HealthDay By Mary Elizabeth Dallas HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, July 2, 2014… read more

Low T and Heart Health

Since the word testosterone  is commonly associated with a man’s libido, there is a widely accepted myth that overall health is not impacted when levels become low. “If I can raise my testosterone, ” a man sometimes thinks, “then I will have better intimacy with my lover.” For many men, the thought of negative health… read more

Exercising through the Knee Pain

At Innovative Health and Wellness, we know that knee pain can be a very frustrating problem. It affects everything from getting up in the morning, walking down the street, and even going from sitting to standing. However, the pain can be eased by doing some daily exercises and stretches. It’s vital to stay fit, even… read more

Tried-and-Tested Remedies for Natural Allergy Relief

It’s that time of year again, when the pollen fills the air and the sunshine brings with it sneezing, sniffing, coughing and red eyes. Allergy season in the spring and summer is uncomfortable for millions of Americans. You experience an allergic reaction when your immune system fights against a substance it believes is dangerous –… read more

6 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp

You realize your body needs a workout in order to stay healthy and fit, but what about your brain? As you get older you may start experiencing temporary lapses in memory, or feel that your brain is not working as quickly as it used to. You need to stretch your mind and keep it fit… read more