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18 Mar 24

Chiropractor Woodstock GA

If you are looking for the best Woodstock GA chiropractic clinic look no further. At Innovative Health and Wellness Woodstock GA

We have the experience to help with a wide array of symptoms ranging from neck and back pain to extremity pain and headaches.

Check out this recent research article  that shows how chiropractic care is a viable solution for spine pain. Here is a summary of the findings

Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation: A Viable Solution for Spine Pain

Spine pain, encompassing both neck and low back pain, affects over 11% of the global population, leading to disability and significant economic and personal burdens. Amidst the growing shift towards conservative, non-pharmacologic treatment approaches, particularly due to the opioid crisis, spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) stands out as a prominent, non-invasive option for managing spine pain.

Recent studies and clinical practice guidelines have started recognizing the potential of SMT, traditionally performed by chiropractors and other manual therapists, in treating non-specific and chronic primary spine pain effectively. Here’s what the latest research tells us:

  • Effectiveness Comparable to Other Therapies: SMT shows comparable effectiveness to other recommended treatments, including standard medical care and physical therapy, for both neck pain and low back pain.
  • Recommended in Combination with Exercise: For neck pain, SMT, particularly when combined with exercise, is part of a recommended multimodal approach. It is also considered a frontline intervention for low back pain.
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines Support: Across various guidelines, SMT is universally recommended for spine pain, though the evidence quality and specific recommendations may vary. It is often advised alongside exercise and patient education.

However, challenges remain, especially regarding the efficacy of SMT compared to placebo or no treatment, where evidence quality is low. This calls for more high-quality research to further validate SMT’s specific effects and identify patient groups likely to benefit the most from this treatment.

Looking Forward

Despite some discrepancies and the need for more high-quality research, the current evidence supports the inclusion of SMT, especially when combined with exercise, in treatment plans for spine pain. It offers a conservative, non-pharmacologic approach that aligns with the shifting preferences in healthcare towards less invasive options.

As the body of research grows, future studies focusing on the specific effects of SMT and identifying predictors of positive outcomes will be crucial. This will help refine guidelines and ensure patients receive the most effective and personalized care for spine pain.

This summary provides a glimpse into the potential of chiropractic spinal manipulation as a viable treatment option for those suffering from spine-related pain, highlighting the importance of ongoing research and personalized care approaches.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does research state about chiropractic? Most research articles will state that chiropractic is as good or better than most modalities for conditions such as low back pain, neck pain and headaches.  In addition, when done appropriately it is extremely safe. In addition this study it showed that chiropractic patients In a random-effects analysis, chiropractic users had a 64% lower odds of receiving an opioid prescription than nonusers
  • Why do chiropractors have different techniques? This is a personal thing but all chiropractors use techniques that they feel will benefit their patients to the best of their abilities. Just like massage, there are times when a deep tissue massage may be necessary and other times a more lighter touch massage may be appropriate. It is entirely up to the doctor and the patient to use the most effective and safest technique to get the desired results.
  • Do chiropractic adjustments hurt? This is by far the number one question I get asked. In a simple answer; NO they do not hurt. They might feel a little bit strange if you are not used to them but they should never hurt. In addition, there are a multitude of techniques that can be used to lessen the chance of any discomfort. However, a chiropractic adjustment should never hurt.

David M. Orlando D.C.

Dr. David Orlando is the founder of Innovative Health and Wellness. He graduated with honors from Life College of Chiropractic and has been practicing in the greater Atlanta GA area since 1995. He has created his social media series Atl Cracks with Dr. O and has had patients come from all over the world to see him due to his unique and effective approach to chiropractic. Dr. Orlando is passionate about chiropractic and wants to spread the word about the power of chiropractic to the world.


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