Is Calorie Counting Necessary for Weight Loss?

08 Aug 16

Not exactly sure when it became a societal issue, but if you listen to the cheesy ads regarding the newest, greatest diet aid ever, you’d think counting calories is well…. just plain hard. Part of any effective weight loss program, the need to count calories is something that is unavoidable. That being said, however, though watching your daily caloric intake is important, it’s more important that the type of calorie you ingest is given more consideration. Quality over quantity, if you will.

It is a myth of antiquated dietary schools of thought that strict calorie counting is the key to long-term weight loss. But all calories are not born equal. Calories are simply a measure of energy and the differing forms of dietary energy is where the difference comes into play. Protein calories act in ways that carbohydrate calories do not; carb calories act in ways other than fat calories. The body uses and stores these calories in various ways for system and organ function, energy production and general health. This is why it is so important that your daily calories come from natural food sources that are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Simply put, nutrient-packed calories mean the difference between a healthy, lean, well-functioning system and one that is weak and vulnerable to illness or disease. Better to grab needed calories from an apple or serving of almonds rather than from a candy bar or soda.

As part of our comprehensive medical weight loss program in Buckhead and Woodstock, we offer sensible nutritional coaching and guidance to ensure lasting and effective weight loss. By approaching weight loss with sensible tactics and proven techniques, we have helped hundreds of patients attain the health and wellness goals that have previously eluded them. Find out what your customized weight loss plan includes by calling us for a comprehensive health consultation now at 404-566-8950.


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