The Benefits of Medical Weight Loss Programs

30 Nov 15

The number of Americans who are considered overweight is growing right alongside our waistbands. It is now estimated that almost 73% of us are considered to be overweight or obese and our new body sizes are affecting almost every aspect of our lives; from the added public health care costs to the size of airplane seats. Though we spend an outstanding $60 billion on weight loss programs and products, we still remain one of the fattest societies on the planet.


Because of our need for instant gratification we still look for that magic solution that will instantly melt the pounds away without any physical effort or lifestyle modifications on our part. Through trial and error, we keep looking to let our dollars do the heavy work in making us not so heavy; letting ourselves to be drawn into the empty promises once again.

Backed by science and proven by results, medical weight loss programs offers comprehensive support and professional assistance with weight loss. For those searching for a long-term solution to their weight problems, a program that is physician based provides the following benefits:

  • Complete health evaluation – Unlike popular weight loss clinics or nutrition coaches, medical weight loss programs take into consideration your entire medical history and current state in determining the best course of action based on your needs. EKG, blood panels and body fat analysis are all a part of the comprehensive physical that is inherent to the program.
  • Personal monitoring – Those with long-term weight issues often suffer from a variety of health problems. Weight loss programs that are medically based offer health monitoring on a routine basis, ensuring that you are losing weight at a healthy pace and are not experiencing changes that are detrimental to long-term health.
  • Support and accountability – By having a personal relationship with a physician that is invested in you, individuals experience a higher level of personal support through their weight loss journey. Weekly visits with a team of professionals that truly care about your progress helps to keep you focused and accountable, ensuring better results.

Our physician-directed weight loss program will help you lose the weight and change your lifestyle so you can keep the weight off. Located in Woodstock, Georgia, our program is personalized for each individual patient, focused on your needs and goals. Call us now at 678-233-2926 for more information.


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