Answer these Questions to Get Out of Your Winter Rut

02 Apr 14

get out of your winter rutTake a look at your life and your overall wellbeing levels – do you feel ready for spring or are you still stuck in the dark days of winter, mentally or physically? Spring heralds in warmer weather and longer days but if you’re not ready to take advantage of the season, you’re going to miss out. Here’s how you can get your body and mind in good shape for spring and summer – answer these questions honestly to find out.

How’s Your Diet?

  • Are you eating enough fruit and vegetables? When your diet is filled with fresh fruit and vegetables you are more likely to be getting enough vitamins, minerals and fiber in order to be enjoying a healthy diet. When your diet is healthy, you have more energy and you feel more inspired to get outside and live life to the full.
  • Are you drinking enough water? Water is essential but many people don’t drink all that they need to be healthy and fit. Aim for six to eight glasses of water a day. If you don’t like the taste of water, add lemon, cucumber, or lime – or you can drink warm water in fruit teas. Don’t fill up on sugary drinks as these are high in calories and not as hydrating as the real thing.

Do You Exercise?

  • How often do you exercise and could you do more? It is difficult to fit in exercise into a busy routine and you probably got into the habit during winter of sitting by the TV or enjoying indoor pursuits. But spring is your chance to overhaul your routine by starting afresh or building on your existing regime.
  • Do you exercise outdoors? Fresh air, sunshine and open spaces are more likely to make you happier than being inside a gym. Try to fit some time for exercise in the open air. Try hiking, biking, running, walking or skating. Take the kids to play in the park or join a sports club.

How’s Your Health?

  • Do you suffer from any irritating pain like knee pain, lower back pain, or hip pain? Are you feeling the effects of flu after many weeks? If your health is not what you want it to be, go for a professional check up at the health clinic or doctor. Learn some new techniques for optimum wellness this spring.

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