6 Ways to Effectively Treat Knee Pain

27 Mar 14

chiropractic-treatment-for-knee-painWhen you get up in the morning do your knees feel stiff and painful? Do you find it difficult to bend and stretch one knee? Is it impossible to run because your knee is too painful? When knee pain begins to affect how you live your life, it is time to get help. While knee pain can be uncomfortable and disabling, you do not have to suffer alone. Treatment options are available, including one key technique that is ideal for restoring normal function to your knee – chiropractic treatment. Read on to find out about the different treatment options for an injured or damaged knee.

Treating Knee Pain with Chiropractic

1. Full overview of the causes of pain. Any treatment must begin with a detailed assessment of where the pain is located, what makes the pain worse or better, and whether any other parts of the body are also painful. Knee pain can be transferred from another joint or area of the body, such as the hips or the lower back. It is important that any treatment plan is developed by looking not only at the knee joint but at the structures that affect this joint.

2. Strapping and stabilization. When the knee is very painful, the chiropractic practitioner will immobile the joint for a short time with sports tape or bandages. This will help bring down the swelling and ease the pain so treatment can begin.

3. Ice packs. Ice is used to ease swelling and inflammation. When the swelling has subsided, ice can be alternated with moist heat in order to remove the pain.

Specialist Massage and Manipulation

4. Massage and joint manipulation. The key part of chiropractic treatment is the manipulation of the joint so that it is properly aligned and normal function is restored. The aim of the treatment is to bring a full range of movement back to the knee while improving its overall strength and flexibility.

5. Rest and elevation. It is important to rest the knee when pain becomes too intense. Use a small pillow beneath the knee joint to keep it elevated.

6. Exercise. While it may be important to rest the joint, it is also equally as important to exercise the knee as much as possible. Ask your chiropractic specialist for an exercise plan that helps ease pain as well as lessens the stress on the knee joint.

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