Start the New Year with Medical Weight Loss

06 Dec 16

With the holidays whipping around the corner at full speed, that also means that 2016 is coming to a close. This year has been full of many ups and downs, whether it be in your personal life or even world news. We have lived through many deaths of beloved people in the public eye, we have survived a very controversial election that will go down in history, and we have watched huge changes happen throughout the world, such as the Brexit. This year has been one for the ages and you may have realized life is very short and you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. A way to begin doing just that is getting yourself healthy and your weight in check.

At Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead, we want to help you become the best version of yourself with our medical weight loss. Our weight loss program is well rounded and has all the elements for you to succeed. Taking the next step in your health and wellness will be the best way to start the upcoming year. You may have tried dieting and weight loss fads in the past, but coming to a professional medical team with nutrition plans, B12 injections, and exercise programs is just what you need in 2017.

We wanted to give you some weight loss tips in conjunction with your medical weight loss in Buckhead

Don’t Banish Food

All of us have a food we indulge in when we feel stressed, sad, or even happy. The food could be ice cream, chocolate, Coca Cola®, or something savory like potato chips. Most people’s go-to method for tackling weight loss is to give up these foods entirely. This is poor practice because odds are one day you will binge, and feel horrible about your actions. The trick is to remove the food from the household, so the temptation lessens and the frequency dissipates. Our medical weight loss team will incorporate time for you to have these treats in moderation.

Don’t Starve

Many people blame over-gorging themselves over the holidays as to why they need to begin a weight loss plan. Unfortunately you, as well as we, know you may have had bad eating habits from the get-go. Your first thought is to diet, which leads to thinking of all the things you are giving up, which in turn makes you miserable and you may throw in the towel before you even start. With medical weight loss, we want you to focus on the positive changes coming your way, such as the great nutrition plan we will design for you. With a nutrition plan, we can make sure you are consuming delicious foods that are high in nutrients. You don’t need to give up your mom’s famous apple pie with us, just have a balanced and nutritious meal with it.

Make a Plan

When you decide you want to take the plunge and start a diet and exercise regimen, you need to know where to begin. Many people just decide they want to lose weight, and that’s the end of their plan. With medical weight loss we will be able to secure a plan for your future weight loss and wellness goals. We will make sure the plan fits into your routine so that these adjustments are seamless instead of a rough modification.

Use Your Home for Fitness

With medical weight loss, we will design a proper exercise plan for you to execute. Many people think they need to go right to a gym to get this accomplished. However, many exercises can be completed right in the comforts of your own home. If you are thinking about going to gym because you feel like you will be less distracted, do your research. Ensuring you like the gym and its atmosphere before you get a membership is key if you want to spend your time there.

Have Realistic Goals

You won’t be able to lose 30 pounds in a week; that is simply not feasible or the correct goal to make for yourself. With our medical weight loss in Buckhead, we make a set of goals that are reachable and can potentially show off amazing results. The main takeaway is that the overall goal is to give your health and wellness a makeover. You will be changing things about your routine that will only enhance your lifestyle.

Be Accountable

This will be an easy feat with a medical team behind you. We can help you be accountable for your actions and wellness goals. It’s hard to try and do everything all at once. That’s why our medical weight loss team comes up with a plan to help you at the pace you feel most comfortable. Our primary goal is to help you succeed and become as healthy as possible with our unique and personalized plan.

Medical weight loss may sound scary, and not for you, but you have to see for yourself. Come in for a free consultation in Buckhead and learn why medical weight loss is the answer for you to achieve the body you’ve always desired. 2016 may have been a hard year for all of us. However, it is time to learn lessons from this past year and to move on to something better over the horizon. Your health and wellness needs to come to the forefront in 2017. Come and get started with us in Buckhead, you will be so glad you did! The new you is just around the corner!

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