Benefits of Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy: Part 1

30 Aug 16

Are you tired all the time? Feeling lethargic and not loving the things you used to? Do you feel like all your stamina is gone? If this sounds like you, or
the male in your life, this could be due to low testosterone levels.

Testosterone has a bigger impact on men than we think. It affects many parts of their personality. At Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead, we are well aware of how important testosterone is to the body, and that is why we offer our therapeutic testosterone hormone replacement therapy. This hormone replacement can help men with many different issues and is an easy process. Men don’t even have to leave the home to do their treatments, which is a large benefit as to why Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead, is the right choice for you

We also wanted to let you know some of the major benefits men receive from using therapeutic testosterone hormone replacement therapy.

Men Stay Healthy

Testosterone is known to affect men’s heart and blood. When men have low testosterone levels they can develop a plethora of cardiovascular conditions, an example being angina. Testosterone can help with these conditions as it helps the heart pump blood at the pace it needs to fuel the body. The hormone replacement can also help your red blood cell count(RBC) rise, which is good for men who have anemia or any other conditions affecting RBC’s.

Help Maintain Weight

Testosterone can possibly decrease the fat in the body, and while doing this, increase muscle mass and strength. This causes the body to be leaner, which also increases energy. The body will tend to become leaner within the arms and legs, where most men’s strength may lie. It’s also beneficial to be keeping a regular exercise regimen to help increase the positive results of the therapeutic testosterone hormone replacement.

These are few benefits we’d like to share with you or the special man in your life. If you believe these symptoms of low energy, less stamina, being lethargic, and weight gain is affecting you or your family, please call Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead. We have a professional and caring staff who can help you feel like yourself again. We also offer many other services to utilize at our wellness center. Don’t feel embarrassed or that there’s nothing that can be done, we can help you. Don’t hesitate and call today! Also check back for our next blog: Benefits of Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy: Part 2!

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