Does Your Food Allergy Show?

12 Feb 16

Would it surprise you to know that those unsightly little skin tags that you’ve been prone to could be the symptom of a food allergy?

Where it is commonly believed that food allergies cause stomach distress and even respiratory problems, food allergies also show themselves through a variety of skin issues. Where serious symptoms like hives are an instant alert to something causing an issue, lesser problems like acne or skin tags are often written off to other causes; often lingering for years without a change in diet. Quickly-appearing symptoms like welts, itching, swelling and redness are also sometimes accompanied by either respiratory or digestive issues which also clue in the person to the fact that they are having a reaction to something they may have eaten or come in contact with.

Because food allergies can remain hidden for years, it is important to to undergo food sensitivity testing if you continue to experience mysterious symptoms like skin tags, dermatitis and acne. These symptoms may come and go but are often in occurrence enough as to cause you concern. Though these symptoms are mild as far as food allergies signs go, they can still scar and be extremely uncomfortable. Understanding what foods are causing your skin issues may also help you clear up other problems that you have been experiencing too. Many people experience weight gain, migraines, arthritis and other issues that often clear when an offending food has been identified.

At Innovative Health and Wellness, we believe that food allergy, intolerance, and sensitivity testing are an important part of the diagnostic process that puts you on the path to optimum wellness. Using cutting edge diagnostic tools and procedures, our doctors will help you determine the root cause of your health issues, in order to help you live your healthiest, happiest life.

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