What’s Really Causing that Morning Neck Pain?

23 May 16

With Your Chiropractor’s Help, You Can Find Lasting Relief

neck pain relief WoodstockJenny woke in the morning with neck pain frequently enough that she had begun to simply accept it. But it was when she started to wake during the night because of painful tingling and numbness in her fingers and hands that she began to take her issue seriously. After several years of just accepting the nagging stiffness, she finally decided to visit her chiropractor in Woodstock to find relief. Funny enough, the solution to her neck problem was simple but tri-fold. Jenny’s bedtime rituals and patterns were all wrong.

First, Jenny’s pillow was the wrong type for her favored sleeping position. Though she had switched to a contoured foam pillow after understanding that her flat feather pillow may be the problem, she was still experiencing neck pain in the morning. Why? Because most molded foam pillows are designed and constructed for the back sleeper. Side sleepers need to support the weight of their head without causing additional strain on the neck.

Second, Jenny admitted that she often sleeps on her stomach, especially during cold winter nights as it makes her feel cozier. Big mistake. Stomach sleepers cause themselves ongoing neck pain by causing their neck to become unbalanced as the head is usually turned towards one side; stretching the muscles along one side of the neck while contracting those along the other.

Finally, Jenny enjoyed reading just before retiring for the night. She would prop her pillow up behind her as she drew her knees in and read for as much as an hour some nights. The angle at which she set her neck in order to read was causing stress and strain that professed itself when she woke in the morning. A lap desk which supports a book or e-reader at a level where your neck and head are at a natural angle was recommended.

After adjusting her sleep position and using the proper pillow and lap desk, Jenny finally found the neck pain relief that she had accepted as a part of growing older. With just a couple of chiropractic treatments and these changes to her nightly habits Jenny is living pain-free.



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