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Low T and Cardiovascular Health

The Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has closely examined effects of hormone replacement therapy (for low testosterone) in a recent study. Researchers investigated the correlations between heart disease and low testosterone. Although the findings indicated there was indeed a link (but needed more study), the authors of the study also noted that… read more

Natural Human Growth Hormone Boost through Semorelin

It’s no secret that the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a vital component to fighting the aging process. It helps to promote muscle growth, fight wrinkles, reduce hair loss, and stop weight gain. As men grow older, however, they produce less HGH, which is why they go through the aging changes. Often, your HGH peaks… read more

Woodstock Low Testosterone Therapy

The words “Hormone Replacement” often scare people and they think that their symptoms don’t line up. However, the surprising thing is that many men suffer from an imbalance in testosterone. It’s not immediately life threatening, which may be the reason that men try to put it off or avoid it. However, the symptoms of a… read more

Buckhead Hormone Therapy

The words “Hormone Therapy” often intimidate men and it pushes them away from addressing some of their symptoms. However, the shocking thing is that it’s very common for men to suffer from low testosterone. Many symptoms are gradual, which is often the reason many men put it off for a long time. This gives time… read more

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No higher risk of cancer after 9 years of testosterone replacement therapy Testosterone replacement therapy is not associated with an increased risk of cancer or prostate cancer in men, based on results from a large study with a mean follow-up of nearly 9 years. Read Full Article Online… read more