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22 Mar 2017

How To Survive the Sugar Detox During Medical Weight Loss

With the new year almost a quarter of the way through, we still want to be focusing on medical weight loss for our patients at Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead. Our medical weight loss is the perfect program to get the well-rounded help you deserve. Our wellness centers main goal is to get you feeling great physically and mentally. Our program designs a unique nutrition plan and exercise regimen, as well as offers appetite suppressants and B12 injections. If you are tired of feeling sluggish, overweight, and are ready to take control of your life, give us a call today.

One of the big things we may need you to do during your medical weight loss program is cut back on many of things in your current diet. One of the worst things you are putting into your body is processed foods, and more importantly, sugar. Our medical weight loss experts wants to show you how much more you’ll benefit from eating an apple than a piece of cake. However, breaking the habit is harder than you think. Your body craves sugar and processed foods like a drug. Sugar acts this way because it affects the pleasure receptors in our brain. When you focus on this factor, you begin to understand why you may feel irritated, tired, and sick-like when you give up this sweet treat. We want to let you know that giving up sugar and detoxing is very difficult, but it is extremely rewarding.

While we know this can be a trying time, especially because of your cravings, we wanted to give you some tips and food concepts to help you while you’re detoxing off the sweet stuff.

How to Detox Off Sugar for Medical Weight Loss

Pick Your Course

There are a few ways to detox and one may be better for you than the other. One way is to start gradually and the other is to cut everything all at once. Either way, you are eventually cutting out the substances that negatively affect your body and weight. One way you can do this is if you don’t want to quit immediately to start cutting down during each meal. Eventually, you will get down to pure nutrients and you will be well on your way to feeling and looking great.

Remember the Goal

Even though you may be in a bad mood the first three days, remember why you came to our medical weight loss. You are most likely sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Our professional staff is well-versed in nutrition, exercise, and successful weight loss plans to get you where you want and need to be. Your overall goal when asked to rid your lifestyle of sugar is to do just that, cut out all the added sugars that are found in drinks, processed foods, desserts, and so forth. The good news is that some sugar is good for your body, like ones that come from fruit. Your new routine should be reaching for an orange when you want a piece of chocolate.

 Best Detox Diet for Medical Weight Loss

Here are some great meal alternatives to help you stay on task and to keep your medical weight loss on track.

Breakfast– If you loved having sweets like Poptarts, cereal, and waffles, it’s time to ditch them. Instead, opt for some oatmeal with your own added fresh fruit. If this still isn’t sweet enough for you, go ahead and add some raw honey.

Lunch – You should have a well-balanced lunch to avoid sugar cravings in the afternoon. Having greens with a protein like chicken, fish, or red meat will be filling, delicious, and should hopefully keep you full until your next meal.

Afternoon Snack– So, a sugar craving has hit, and it’s a big one. Don’t panic and put the donut down. Make sure you have some fruit on hand, as this should give you the sweet fix you need. If you are just hungry in general, try some vegetables and your favorite type of hummus.

Dinner– While you may be avoiding sugars, as long our team has not suggested paleo, you may have whole wheat. A great meal option is a whole wheat pasta dish or another meal of protein and vegetables.

Dessert– While you may want that pint of ice cream in the freezer, you don’t need it! Create a variety of fresh fruit that is different from the morning. Fruit not only has the sweetness you may crave it also has a ton of fiber, which keep you full longer.

These are some great tips and meal ideas to get you started. The road ahead may be tough, but we are here as your support. At Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead, our medical weight loss team is here for all your needs. We create plans that are tailored specifically for you that include nutritious and delicious food that your body has been craving. We design exercise plans that are tailored to your fitness level, Finally, we have the option of appetite suppressants, if the cravings become too intense along with B-12 shots. As you can see, there’s a motive behind our madness. While you may be thinking this is might be impossible, it’s not. In Buckhead, we don’t believe in the impossible. Call us today to change your life and check out our next blog with tips to curb your sugar cravings.

16 Feb 2017

Surprising Reasons You May Be Gaining Weight

Welcome back to our blog! We hope the start of your new year has been fantastic and you are keeping up with all of your resolutions. If gaining a healthier lifestyle was on your list, we hope you are taking the right steps to do just that. One way you can be healthy, happy, and look phenomenal is with our medical weight loss in Buckhead. At Innovative Health and Wellness, our goal is to help you succeed and accomplish all your weight loss goals. Our medical weight loss professionals will design not just a weight loss plan, but also a lifestyle change. Many people believe if they change their diet they will have magical and thrilling results. However, we know that it takes hard work, dedication, and longevity. Changing the way you are living is going to be the ultimate path to your success when it involves your health and wellness.

In our last post, we went over some delicious super foods for you to start to implement into your lifestyle. In this blog, we are going to go over some reasons why you may need medical weight loss to begin with. Being overweight and even obese can be caused by many different things within your genetics and your environment. Here we will go over some of the surprising reasons you may suffer from being overweight.

Not enough ZZZ’s.

Believe it or not, how much sleep we’re getting each night is not only important to our overall health and well-being but also to our weight. Most people, when they can’t sleep, seek comfort in food. Most of these foods end up being unhealthy and terrible to eat right before bed. Also, our sleep is directly connected to our hormone levels. If you are sleep deprived, you may be experiencing a rise in your cortisol hormone levels, causing the fat storage in your body to increase as well. Not only is this hormone a big player in your sleep pattern, but leptin and ghrelin, the hormones that tell your brain if you are hungry or full, also are affected. Start your lifestyle change with baby steps. When getting the adequate amount of sleep, we are sure you will see a large change moving forward.

Going Out to Eat

If you are in a relationship, or you like to go out for a night on the town with your friends, most of the time this outing consists of eating food and possibly consuming some drinks. When you are eating out at restaurants at a consistent rate, this can have a lot to do with your weight gain. Most times, when in a group and out, you tend to change your eating habits to those around you. Furthermore, you also tend to let your eating inhibitions fly out the window. Basically this means you’ll eat whatever and however much you feel at that moment. One way you can succeed with medical weight loss is by cooking your meals at home and going out much less frequently. We aren’t saying never go out again, but keep it in moderation and you will be able to see a difference in not only your habits but your waistband.


Many people think that as long as they stick to a healthy regimen throughout the week, they can go wild on the weekends when it comes to the food they eat. We want you to be healthy every day of the week, not just 9-5. Sticking with your new medical weight loss routine is essential for you to get the results we know you deserve. If you have friends or a significant other who loves to go out, eat before you go. That way, when you are at dinner, you can get something light and delicious that you won’t need to feel so guilty about. Additionally, portion control is big when you are away from the home. Keep an eye on the portion sizes and how much you are consuming. If you are aware of how this meal will affect your progress, you are less likely to overindulge, because you are in the know of the consequences.


As we just mentioned, your portion size could be the culprit of your weight problem. Most individuals will simply not believe the notion that eating more will cause weight loss, but it’s true! When you consume smaller meals throughout the day, you usually end up eating about 5-6 times, where before you were eating maybe 2-3 large meals. One way to help you eat a better portion is to use smaller plates. The smaller plate will make it appear you have a lot of food, which sends a signal to the brain and then down to your stomach. When you go out to a restaurant, ask for a smaller portion size if available, especially if the item is high in calories.

Drinking Your Calories

With Coke® being oh so delicious with its bubbles, unique taste, and thirst quenching ability, it’s hard to believe that the cons outweigh the benefits. Not only is Coke® the culprit, but really any sugary drink that isn’t water. This can include Powerade®, Gatorade®, and even your morning cappuccino. These are basically empty calories you are choosing to expose your body to, which is increasing your weight and keeping you unhealthy. A solution is, and we know it’s difficult, put down the Coke can and walk away. With meals, it’s better to drink water, as it will help you feel full. When you want a Coke or other soft drink, consider it a treat for the day, not a constant habit. If coffee is your vice, try to be conscious about the sugar and cream content within the steaming cup.

Not Reading Labels

When the words “Fat-Free” hit the market, people were ecstatic. You mean there’s a way to have ranch dressing and not gain weight?! Wrong. This label is misleading as is anything stating there’s no fat, or low in fat. When you look at a food label, you need to pay attention to the other ingredients within the product. Sugar is the main thing to look for because too much sugar can throw off your insulin balance, which can cause weight gain. One thing you can try, and we know it is difficult, is to cut out processed foods altogether. However, we did see in our last post how foods rich in fiber and other nutrients are good for you and can be tasty at the same time.

As you can see, most of the things on our list are habits you need to change. When introducing medical weight loss into your life, we will help you get the results you deserve, Our program isn’t about telling you about what you’re doing wrong. It’s about educating you and teaching how to live a better life when it comes to nutrient consumption. Our medical weight loss professionals are caring, compassionate, and are here for all your medical weight loss needs. Learn why we are the best in Buckhead, and come to Innovative Health and Wellness today!

19 Jan 2017

Superfoods for Your Medical Weight Loss: Part 2


If you have been keeping up with our blogs, we are helping you get healthy and fit with our medical weight loss program in Buckhead. Our program encompasses all the tools you need to alter your lifestyle for the better.

At Innovative Health and Wellness, we incorporate all the tools in our medical weight loss for your overall success. Our program has a nutritional plan, exercises, and even appetite suppressants. Don’t struggle with your weight any longer; get fit and healthy today in Buckhead!

Here are some more amazing superfoods for your medical weight loss:


This fish can be prepared in many different ways and is delicious. Salmon is a protein, but it’s lean, so it is better for your body overall. Protein is essential in your diet, and many believe they need to eat red meat to obtain it. Although red meat is tasty, it is not the best option for your medical weight loss. Things like salmon and other light fish dishes are a great substitute and can still make a delectable and filling meal.

Brown Rice

When you start a weight loss plan, the goal is not to give up everything you love; it is all about moderation. With brown rice, however, have as much as you like! This rice is much healthier than the plain white and it’s packed with fiber which makes it much heartier and filling. The greatest part about brown rice is that it is considered a heavy food but is very low in calories. Make so many different dishes using this delicious alternative to white rice!


Grapefruit may be a food you weren’t expecting on this list, but hopefully, you are pleasantly surprised! Grapefruits are another food that is packed with fiber, which keeps you feeling full. As you may have noticed, one the biggest issues people have with eating is overeating. Foods high in fiber help tackle this problem. Not only is grapefruit going to keep you feeling full, it is also low on the calorie scale, so you don’t need to feel guilty having this sweet treat. Grapefruit also helps curb other food cravings you may have, and it helps with your blood sugar. Have some grapefruit for breakfast or an afternoon snack to keep you on course for your medical weight loss.


Bananas are not only a great source of potassium, but they also are considered a superfood you can appreciate. A banana that is still green is full of starch, which can keep you feeling full, similar to fiber. You can eat a banana on its own or mix it in with your oatmeal. Bananas are great for a mid-morning or afternoon snack since they are filling by themselves. If your sweet tooth is really aching, you can make some dark chocolate banana bites. Frozen, they will remind you of ice cream, and you will be able to indulge without the guilt of cheating!

When it comes to your medical weight loss in Buckhead, all we want to witness is your success. We will be coaching you every step of the way and creating detailed meal plans for you to follow with these nutritious superfoods. If you are wanting to change and need support, come to Innovative Health and Wellness today!

11 Jan 2017

Superfoods for Your Medical Weight loss: Part 1

If you have been keeping up with our posts, we have been discussing the new year and the new you! We are well underway into the new year and after going over all the benefits of medical weight loss in Buckhead, hopefully, you are on board. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper and learn what foods are going to work best for your lifestyle change,

At Innovative Health and Wellness, we want you to feel confident and healthy. We assist you with our amazing medical weight loss program featuring a nutrition plan, exercise regimen, and additives to help with vitamin intake, thyroid issues, and appetite suppressants. Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen alone. Have the best and most passionate team on your side in Buckhead.

Superfoods For Your Medical Weight Loss

Black Beans

Black beans are full of fiber and protein without all the added saturated fat from products like meat. Black beans will help keep you energized and feeling full between meals, so you resist the urge to snack on unhealthy goodies. Black beans can help balance our your cholesterol and is great for your heart health. They also can benefit your digestive system and prevent common ailments such as constipation and IBS.


Not only is this superfood extremely affordable, it is versatile. Many people become bored with the same food over and over, but with thousands of oat recipes, the possibilities are endless and delicious! Like black beans, oats contain an abundant amount of fiber which will help you feel full longer, preventing you from snacking at inappropriate times. Oats also contain the ability to boost metabolism and burn fat, which is what we want for your medical weight loss.


You love guacamole, right? Who doesn’t? The main and most delicious ingredient is the avocado. Avocados are high in healthy fat, which is key. These fruits are beneficial for your heart and help increase your energy. Another added benefit to the avocado is it helps you feel full longer. It also contains fiber and a great amount of protein.


Another delicious fruit to add to this superfood list is blueberries. Blueberries have tons of nutrients your body needs. They are great for your heart and can potentially lower your risk of heart disease, blasting the stubborn belly fat you hate and has anti-aging qualities. Mixing blueberries in with your oats or eating them frozen as a sweet treat will satisfy your craving and keep you on track with your medical weight loss.


You may have hated broccoli as a child, but now it should be one of your favorite foods! This versatile vegetable can be prepared many different ways and is what you want to be eating quite often. Broccoli is low in calories but full of minerals and vitamins you crave. Broccoli is also rich in fiber, helping you feel full. Having this for dinner will hold you over for the rest night, so you won’t have to worry about the temptation of the dreaded midnight snack!


Not only are almonds delicious, they are good for your medical weight loss! Almonds are regarded as another superfood that is rich in the fat you need. Almonds are high in vitamin E and magnesium. However, it is important to remember that almonds are high in calories, so portion control is essential. Eat almonds for a nice afternoon snack or with your oats. Almonds have an adequate amount of fiber which means you will feel full, even with only a few to enjoy.

Green Tea

Moving away from solid foods for a moment, green tea is a wonderful drink, that isn’t water, that can be thoroughly enjoyed during your medical weight loss. Green tea helps your body stay hydrated and will keep you feeling full. It also aids in fat burning and getting rid of calories. The best thing about green tea is it does contain caffeine, so if you are feeling sluggish during the day, you don’t need to feel guilty indulging in this beverage!

Your medical weight loss in Buckhead doesn’t have to be something you dread. With foods like these, you can make delicious and filling meals that help you stay on track and stay satisfied. Our medical weight loss team will help come up with a great nutritional plan that works for you. Get started today and check back for our next blog with even more superfoods to try!

27 Dec 2016

How to Stay on Track With Your Medical Weight Loss

If you have been thinking about making a life change for the upcoming new year, medical weight loss might be the change you need. Medical weight loss focuses on your health and wellness first and foremost. The plan is designed specifically for you and will set goals that you can achieve at your own pace.

At Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead, our medical weight loss program incorporates a nutrition plan, exercise program, and B12 injections. By focusing on all aspects of health and wellness, our medical weight loss program will lead you to success in 2017 and beyond.

Tips to Stay on Track for Your Medical Weight Loss


Prioritizing your new medical weight loss is key. You must start to incorporate it into your daily routine. We will give you the tips and tools so this transition is easy for you, but we expect you to keep up with your plan while we are not present. Make sure you are scheduling out your workouts and sessions with us. Constant reminders in your calendar and planner will help you stay on track.

Have Fun

When people first start working out and following a nutrition plan, they may see it as a burden. Don’t be another statistic! The new medical weight loss program you’re implementing into your life is going to bring happiness in the future. You will have the body you’ve always wanted along with your new healthy lifestyle. Have fun doing your workouts. We will design a plan that includes exercises that are challenging but enjoyable to do at home or in the gym. Being happy while you are maintaining your wellness is the key to your overall success.

Sleep Well

Many wouldn’t believe this, but not sleeping correctly affects our health and our weight. You want to be able to get the ample number of hours a night so you can continue feeling energized in the day. Securing enough sleep will help you when you are working out and adjusting your meal plans. Getting a deep sleep you need will help you in all aspects of your life.

Celebrate..and Keep Going

Once you have hit one of your first goals, it is time to celebrate! Celebrating is encouraged because of how positive it will make you feel about your medical weight loss. Going out and getting a new top, a new workout aid, or taking a day trip are all things you can do to rejoice in this accomplishment. However, keep going! Don’t stop just because you have hit a goal. The main objective of medical weight loss is a lifestyle change.
We want your medical weight loss journey to be one that is long lasting and enjoyable. Come in for a free consultation with Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead with our medical weight loss team today. We can discuss the plan we feel is right for you and get started right away!

06 Dec 2016

Start the New Year with Medical Weight Loss

With the holidays whipping around the corner at full speed, that also means that 2016 is coming to a close. This year has been full of many ups and downs, whether it be in your personal life or even world news. We have lived through many deaths of beloved people in the public eye, we have survived a very controversial election that will go down in history, and we have watched huge changes happen throughout the world, such as the Brexit. This year has been one for the ages and you may have realized life is very short and you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. A way to begin doing just that is getting yourself healthy and your weight in check.

At Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead, we want to help you become the best version of yourself with our medical weight loss. Our weight loss program is well rounded and has all the elements for you to succeed. Taking the next step in your health and wellness will be the best way to start the upcoming year. You may have tried dieting and weight loss fads in the past, but coming to a professional medical team with nutrition plans, B12 injections, and exercise programs is just what you need in 2017.

We wanted to give you some weight loss tips in conjunction with your medical weight loss in Buckhead

Don’t Banish Food

All of us have a food we indulge in when we feel stressed, sad, or even happy. The food could be ice cream, chocolate, Coca Cola®, or something savory like potato chips. Most people’s go-to method for tackling weight loss is to give up these foods entirely. This is poor practice because odds are one day you will binge, and feel horrible about your actions. The trick is to remove the food from the household, so the temptation lessens and the frequency dissipates. Our medical weight loss team will incorporate time for you to have these treats in moderation.

Don’t Starve

Many people blame over-gorging themselves over the holidays as to why they need to begin a weight loss plan. Unfortunately you, as well as we, know you may have had bad eating habits from the get-go. Your first thought is to diet, which leads to thinking of all the things you are giving up, which in turn makes you miserable and you may throw in the towel before you even start. With medical weight loss, we want you to focus on the positive changes coming your way, such as the great nutrition plan we will design for you. With a nutrition plan, we can make sure you are consuming delicious foods that are high in nutrients. You don’t need to give up your mom’s famous apple pie with us, just have a balanced and nutritious meal with it.

Make a Plan

When you decide you want to take the plunge and start a diet and exercise regimen, you need to know where to begin. Many people just decide they want to lose weight, and that’s the end of their plan. With medical weight loss we will be able to secure a plan for your future weight loss and wellness goals. We will make sure the plan fits into your routine so that these adjustments are seamless instead of a rough modification.

Use Your Home for Fitness

With medical weight loss, we will design a proper exercise plan for you to execute. Many people think they need to go right to a gym to get this accomplished. However, many exercises can be completed right in the comforts of your own home. If you are thinking about going to gym because you feel like you will be less distracted, do your research. Ensuring you like the gym and its atmosphere before you get a membership is key if you want to spend your time there.

Have Realistic Goals

You won’t be able to lose 30 pounds in a week; that is simply not feasible or the correct goal to make for yourself. With our medical weight loss in Buckhead, we make a set of goals that are reachable and can potentially show off amazing results. The main takeaway is that the overall goal is to give your health and wellness a makeover. You will be changing things about your routine that will only enhance your lifestyle.

Be Accountable

This will be an easy feat with a medical team behind you. We can help you be accountable for your actions and wellness goals. It’s hard to try and do everything all at once. That’s why our medical weight loss team comes up with a plan to help you at the pace you feel most comfortable. Our primary goal is to help you succeed and become as healthy as possible with our unique and personalized plan.

Medical weight loss may sound scary, and not for you, but you have to see for yourself. Come in for a free consultation in Buckhead and learn why medical weight loss is the answer for you to achieve the body you’ve always desired. 2016 may have been a hard year for all of us. However, it is time to learn lessons from this past year and to move on to something better over the horizon. Your health and wellness needs to come to the forefront in 2017. Come and get started with us in Buckhead, you will be so glad you did! The new you is just around the corner!


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    Before:235lbs, Now 165lbs, Goal 155lbs.
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