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27 Dec 2016

How to Stay on Track With Your Medical Weight Loss

If you have been thinking about making a life change for the upcoming new year, medical weight loss might be the change you need. Medical weight loss focuses on your health and wellness first and foremost. The plan is designed specifically for you and will set goals that you can achieve at your own pace.

At Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead, our medical weight loss program incorporates a nutrition plan, exercise program, and B12 injections. By focusing on all aspects of health and wellness, our medical weight loss program will lead you to success in 2017 and beyond.

Tips to Stay on Track for Your Medical Weight Loss


Prioritizing your new medical weight loss is key. You must start to incorporate it into your daily routine. We will give you the tips and tools so this transition is easy for you, but we expect you to keep up with your plan while we are not present. Make sure you are scheduling out your workouts and sessions with us. Constant reminders in your calendar and planner will help you stay on track.

Have Fun

When people first start working out and following a nutrition plan, they may see it as a burden. Don’t be another statistic! The new medical weight loss program you’re implementing into your life is going to bring happiness in the future. You will have the body you’ve always wanted along with your new healthy lifestyle. Have fun doing your workouts. We will design a plan that includes exercises that are challenging but enjoyable to do at home or in the gym. Being happy while you are maintaining your wellness is the key to your overall success.

Sleep Well

Many wouldn’t believe this, but not sleeping correctly affects our health and our weight. You want to be able to get the ample number of hours a night so you can continue feeling energized in the day. Securing enough sleep will help you when you are working out and adjusting your meal plans. Getting a deep sleep you need will help you in all aspects of your life.

Celebrate..and Keep Going

Once you have hit one of your first goals, it is time to celebrate! Celebrating is encouraged because of how positive it will make you feel about your medical weight loss. Going out and getting a new top, a new workout aid, or taking a day trip are all things you can do to rejoice in this accomplishment. However, keep going! Don’t stop just because you have hit a goal. The main objective of medical weight loss is a lifestyle change.
We want your medical weight loss journey to be one that is long lasting and enjoyable. Come in for a free consultation with Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead with our medical weight loss team today. We can discuss the plan we feel is right for you and get started right away!

09 Dec 2016

Read David Orlando’s Interview on Transforming Lives Through Chiropractic

David Orlando, D.C., of Innovative Health and Wellness in Woodstock, Ga., has more than 20 years of experience in chiropractic. He recently took a few minutes to share one of his favorite patient success stories and offer advice to today’s Chiro students. Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us about your practice. What sets you apart from other practitioners in your area?

Our practice is different in other practices in that we integrate the best worlds of medicine and chiropractic under one roof.

Our mission statement is “to transform peoples lives one person at a time so that they may have the absolute highest quality of life possible.” Click here to read the entire article.

06 Dec 2016

Start the New Year with Medical Weight Loss

With the holidays whipping around the corner at full speed, that also means that 2016 is coming to a close. This year has been full of many ups and downs, whether it be in your personal life or even world news. We have lived through many deaths of beloved people in the public eye, we have survived a very controversial election that will go down in history, and we have watched huge changes happen throughout the world, such as the Brexit. This year has been one for the ages and you may have realized life is very short and you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. A way to begin doing just that is getting yourself healthy and your weight in check.

At Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead, we want to help you become the best version of yourself with our medical weight loss. Our weight loss program is well rounded and has all the elements for you to succeed. Taking the next step in your health and wellness will be the best way to start the upcoming year. You may have tried dieting and weight loss fads in the past, but coming to a professional medical team with nutrition plans, B12 injections, and exercise programs is just what you need in 2017.

We wanted to give you some weight loss tips in conjunction with your medical weight loss in Buckhead

Don’t Banish Food

All of us have a food we indulge in when we feel stressed, sad, or even happy. The food could be ice cream, chocolate, Coca Cola®, or something savory like potato chips. Most people’s go-to method for tackling weight loss is to give up these foods entirely. This is poor practice because odds are one day you will binge, and feel horrible about your actions. The trick is to remove the food from the household, so the temptation lessens and the frequency dissipates. Our medical weight loss team will incorporate time for you to have these treats in moderation.

Don’t Starve

Many people blame over-gorging themselves over the holidays as to why they need to begin a weight loss plan. Unfortunately you, as well as we, know you may have had bad eating habits from the get-go. Your first thought is to diet, which leads to thinking of all the things you are giving up, which in turn makes you miserable and you may throw in the towel before you even start. With medical weight loss, we want you to focus on the positive changes coming your way, such as the great nutrition plan we will design for you. With a nutrition plan, we can make sure you are consuming delicious foods that are high in nutrients. You don’t need to give up your mom’s famous apple pie with us, just have a balanced and nutritious meal with it.

Make a Plan

When you decide you want to take the plunge and start a diet and exercise regimen, you need to know where to begin. Many people just decide they want to lose weight, and that’s the end of their plan. With medical weight loss we will be able to secure a plan for your future weight loss and wellness goals. We will make sure the plan fits into your routine so that these adjustments are seamless instead of a rough modification.

Use Your Home for Fitness

With medical weight loss, we will design a proper exercise plan for you to execute. Many people think they need to go right to a gym to get this accomplished. However, many exercises can be completed right in the comforts of your own home. If you are thinking about going to gym because you feel like you will be less distracted, do your research. Ensuring you like the gym and its atmosphere before you get a membership is key if you want to spend your time there.

Have Realistic Goals

You won’t be able to lose 30 pounds in a week; that is simply not feasible or the correct goal to make for yourself. With our medical weight loss in Buckhead, we make a set of goals that are reachable and can potentially show off amazing results. The main takeaway is that the overall goal is to give your health and wellness a makeover. You will be changing things about your routine that will only enhance your lifestyle.

Be Accountable

This will be an easy feat with a medical team behind you. We can help you be accountable for your actions and wellness goals. It’s hard to try and do everything all at once. That’s why our medical weight loss team comes up with a plan to help you at the pace you feel most comfortable. Our primary goal is to help you succeed and become as healthy as possible with our unique and personalized plan.

Medical weight loss may sound scary, and not for you, but you have to see for yourself. Come in for a free consultation in Buckhead and learn why medical weight loss is the answer for you to achieve the body you’ve always desired. 2016 may have been a hard year for all of us. However, it is time to learn lessons from this past year and to move on to something better over the horizon. Your health and wellness needs to come to the forefront in 2017. Come and get started with us in Buckhead, you will be so glad you did! The new you is just around the corner!

30 Nov 2016

B12 and Medical Weight Loss in Buckhead

When we decide we want to make a lifestyle change for a more healthy life, a lot of things much change. If we are doing this so we will not be overweight anymore, our whole life changes with that decision.

At Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead, we want to help you become your best self by implementing a well-rounded medical weight loss plan. We know losing weight can be a struggle, but we will be here every step of the way so you achieve your health and wellness goals. Our medical weight loss program has a variety of aspects so we can target all parts of your body. In addition, we have a wonderful and passionate staff that want to care for you and see you succeed.
One of the main parts of medical weight loss in Buckhead is using vitamin B12 injections. You may not be aware how these vitamins can help with medical weight loss.

Ways Vitamin B12 Helps With Medical Weight Loss

Vital for the body

Vitamin B12 is essential for many of our body’s main functions, one being creating red blood cells. The main one, when involving medical weight loss, is how this vitamin has a way of converting the body’s fat into energy. B12 also helps with keeping our nerves healthy and strong. B12 also aids in creation of DNA. Having a sufficient amount of B12 for the body will prevent you from getting ailments such as anemia.

Where can we find B12?

Easily enough, many people can get B12 through food sources. When we design your medical weight loss plan in Buckhead, we make sure to include foods that have a strong base of vitamin B12. We know this will be an added bonus on top of our B12 injections. Some great and delicious foods that include B12 are:
Milk and dairy products – Milk and dairy are great because they also contain calcium.
Eggs – Contain tons of protein and are something we love to include in all our medical weight loss plans.
Meat and Poultry – Meat is a primary source of protein and is great to help you maintain your weight goals.
Shellfish – Fish is a beneficial way to get lean protein
If our medical weight loss plan doesn’t include these foods due to allergy restriction, you can also get your B12 in pill form, and always with our B12 injections.
When combining the power B12 has to fuel our bodies with proper diet and exercise, your medical weight loss plan should produce the results you want and need. If you are thinking it is time to take and stand and make a lifestyle change, come to our wellness center in Buckhead. We have a knowledgeable and compassionate staff that will help you every step of the way with your medical weight loss goals. We design a full plan that encompasses all parts of weight loss, not just nutrition. Combining our idea of health wellness is what makes Innovate Health and Wellness your best medical weight loss solution. Learn more about medical weight loss here and contact us to set up your consultation.

03 Oct 2016

Foods To help With Low Testosterone Levels: Part 3

Welcome to the last installment of this 3 part blog series. If you have been keeping up with us, we have been discussing foods to help men combat their low testosterone levels due to aging. We at Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead, want to help you succeed in living the life you want when it comes to keeping up your energy, sex drive, and stamina.

Set up your consultation for our hormone replacement treatment to diminish your low T levels once and for all! Here are some other beneficial foods to implement into your diet to help eliminate low T levels.


Most men love beef, which is a great news. Beef may get a bad rep for having a lot of fat and causing high cholesterol or other health issues, but it is beneficial for your testosterone levels. Certain cuts like beef liver, have an abundant amount of vitamin D, which is always good for your T levels. Ground beef is another red meat that can help because of the amount of zinc it contains. Just try to maintain the intake of fatty meats your body is getting. Eating meat with your hormone replacement therapy will just help you in the long run.


Beans are healthy all around. Men should stick to white, kidney, and black beans to reap the best benefits. These both have amazing sources of vitamin D and zinc, two for one special! Beans are also great for your heart because they are full of plant-based proteins.

These foods are known to have many things within them to help with your low testosterone levels. Foods with this nutrient value will also be a favorable combination with your hormone replacement therapy, in Buckhead. Innovative Health and Wellness is a great and local resource for you to get your T levels under control. Don’t live in fear, come in for a consultation. We are professional, caring, and efficient when it comes to explaining and administering our hormone replacement treatment!

26 Sep 2016

Foods To Help Low Testosterone Levels: Part 2

If you have checked out our last blog, we talked about foods that will be able to combat low testosterone levels you may be experiencing from aging. These foods can help you get back the energy, sex drive, and stamina you may be losing from your low T levels.

At Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead, we understand your concern with this condition. We also want to offer you our therapeutic testosterone hormone replacement therapy. We use this hormone replacement to help get the lost testosterone back into the body and raise your T levels. You can always call us if you ever have questions or concerns about hormone replacement, and schedule a consultation!

Here are some more foods to help keep your T levels stable.


In our last blog, we talked about how egg yolks help diminish low T levels, but we want to make sure that men also understand they need a balanced breakfast. Certain cereals and orange juice contain vitamin D, which can help with your testosterone levels, on top of your hormone replacement. Always try to make a hearty and healthy breakfast. You can maybe make eggs, a bowl of cereal, and have some orange juice. That way you are having a complete breakfast full of the items you need to fight off your low testosterone levels.


When it comes to oysters, they have a very important nutrient within them: Zinc. Zinc is linked to puberty, which is when your testosterone levels are starting to become very high. So, eating oysters or other foods with a lot of zinc can help your low T levels.

We know a lot of people love crab that melts in your mouth and lobster that is too decadent to describe. Well, we have good news! Eating shellfish helps with low T levels! Similar to oysters, these fish have zinc nutrients as well. Alaskan king crab truly is the king, it has the highest zinc content within the shellfish family.

Remember to always come into Innovative Health and Wellness, if you have questions or concerns about our hormone replacement, in Buckhead. Innovative wellness is here for the information you want to know, and the hormone replacement that will get you back to your old self. Call us today! Check out our next blog for the next installment of this series: Foods to help combat low T levels: Part 3

20 Sep 2016

Foods That Help Low Testosterone Levels: Part 1

When it comes to getting older, men experience a lot of changes. They can potentially lose their hair or it will go gray; they may get tired more often, gain a little weight, and their testosterone levels may decrease. The main culprit in the above is from testosterone levels. Once men hit 30, their hormone levels will decrease steadily every year. There are ways to combat this for most men, and we, at Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead, want to give you some tips on the best way to do this.

Also, remember to set up your consultation for your therapeutic testosterone hormone replacement therapy. This will help you have better moods, increase sex drive, and fight against bone density loss.

Foods To Help Keep Testosterone Levels Up

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a vitamin we should be ingesting with our normal diet every day. For men, though, this is a way to combat low testosterone. It also increases bone density and is linked to living longer. Also, another big plus point for vitamin D is that it increases our immune system keeping us upbeat and active longer.


Tuna is a great source of vitamin D. Tuna is wonderful for your heart, protein rich, and low on the calorie chart. You can choose a tuna steak or tuna in a can and it can still help increase your testosterone levels.

If you don’t love tuna, there are other fishes that will help you keep up your hormone levels stable. Salmon and sardines add an additional source of fish to be consumed to help maintain your T levels. Be wary, though, too much fish can lead to other possible serious conditions, such as prostate cancer.


Milk is an amazing source of calcium and protein. Low-fat milk is what men want to be after. It is going to help with bone health, and maintain the strength of the bones. Make sure to purchase milk with vitamin D. This is what will level out your testosterone. Drinking low-fat milk still tastes great, but doesn’t contain all the saturated fat other milk has.

dreamstime_xxl_11378112Egg Yolks

Hopefully, you love omelets! Egg yolks are another amazing source of vitamin D. The egg yolk actually contains more nutrients than an egg white, despite popular belief. Also, eating egg yolks aids in leveling out your testosterone levels with the cholesterol within them. Keep an eye on your cholesterol levels, but if you are good, you can eat one egg a day and be fine.

Hopefully, changing up your diet helps level out your T levels. Remember, you can always check out therapeutic testosterone hormone replacement therapy at Innovative Health and Wellness. This is a very beneficial treatment for men if they are suffering from low testosterone levels, and need hormone replacement. Don’t delay and call today! Finally, check back for our next blog: Foods To Help Combat Low Testosterone: Part 2.

12 Sep 2016

What Happens Due To Low T Levels And How Does Hormone Replacement Help?

Testosterone is a very important hormone within the male body. It is the powerhouse for all things concerning masculinity such as sperm count, libido, and muscle mass. It also has a large part in affecting weight gain, mood, and hair loss. Testosterone is known as the “fountain of youth;” it’s how men stay young, fun, and energized. Once it starts depleting, the man feels like he is as well.

At Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead, we take your concerns seriously and we want to make sure that you are aware of why this may be happening to you, and how we can rectify the low T levels with hormone replacement, and other methods.

What Happens

Testosterone is a very prominent hormone when we are younger, hence the “fountain of youth” analogy. However, as we age these levels decrease naturally and this affects so many things concerning men, some main components of a man that are affected:

Reduced desire/libido
Difficult sleeping
Weight gain
Loss of muscle
Decreased bone density
Lack of confidence
Lack of motivation

All of these play a huge part in a man’s life. Testosterone levels will start to decrease at the age of 30 and steadily decrease every year moving forward. There are ways to combat this such as

Staying active
Hormone replacement

Our therapeutic hormone replacement therapy is a way to level out your testosterone levels and get them up to what they were, so you can have increased energy, sex drive, and be a happier man. Innovative Health and Wellness is your key to feeling like yourself again. See if you would be a good candidate for our hormone replacement therapy, and give us a call with any questions!


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