Surprising Reasons You May Be Gaining Weight

16 Feb 17

Welcome back to our blog! We hope the start of your new year has been fantastic and you are keeping up with all of your resolutions. If gaining a healthier lifestyle was on your list, we hope you are taking the right steps to do just that. One way you can be healthy, happy, and look phenomenal is with our medical weight loss in Buckhead. At Innovative Health and Wellness, our goal is to help you succeed and accomplish all your weight loss goals. Our medical weight loss professionals will design not just a weight loss plan, but also a lifestyle change. Many people believe if they change their diet they will have magical and thrilling results. However, we know that it takes hard work, dedication, and longevity. Changing the way you are living is going to be the ultimate path to your success when it involves your health and wellness.

In our last post, we went over some delicious super foods for you to start to implement into your lifestyle. In this blog, we are going to go over some reasons why you may need medical weight loss to begin with. Being overweight and even obese can be caused by many different things within your genetics and your environment. Here we will go over some of the surprising reasons you may suffer from being overweight.

Not enough ZZZ’s.

Believe it or not, how much sleep we’re getting each night is not only important to our overall health and well-being but also to our weight. Most people, when they can’t sleep, seek comfort in food. Most of these foods end up being unhealthy and terrible to eat right before bed. Also, our sleep is directly connected to our hormone levels. If you are sleep deprived, you may be experiencing a rise in your cortisol hormone levels, causing the fat storage in your body to increase as well. Not only is this hormone a big player in your sleep pattern, but leptin and ghrelin, the hormones that tell your brain if you are hungry or full, also are affected. Start your lifestyle change with baby steps. When getting the adequate amount of sleep, we are sure you will see a large change moving forward.

Going Out to Eat

If you are in a relationship, or you like to go out for a night on the town with your friends, most of the time this outing consists of eating food and possibly consuming some drinks. When you are eating out at restaurants at a consistent rate, this can have a lot to do with your weight gain. Most times, when in a group and out, you tend to change your eating habits to those around you. Furthermore, you also tend to let your eating inhibitions fly out the window. Basically this means you’ll eat whatever and however much you feel at that moment. One way you can succeed with medical weight loss is by cooking your meals at home and going out much less frequently. We aren’t saying never go out again, but keep it in moderation and you will be able to see a difference in not only your habits but your waistband.


Many people think that as long as they stick to a healthy regimen throughout the week, they can go wild on the weekends when it comes to the food they eat. We want you to be healthy every day of the week, not just 9-5. Sticking with your new medical weight loss routine is essential for you to get the results we know you deserve. If you have friends or a significant other who loves to go out, eat before you go. That way, when you are at dinner, you can get something light and delicious that you won’t need to feel so guilty about. Additionally, portion control is big when you are away from the home. Keep an eye on the portion sizes and how much you are consuming. If you are aware of how this meal will affect your progress, you are less likely to overindulge, because you are in the know of the consequences.


As we just mentioned, your portion size could be the culprit of your weight problem. Most individuals will simply not believe the notion that eating more will cause weight loss, but it’s true! When you consume smaller meals throughout the day, you usually end up eating about 5-6 times, where before you were eating maybe 2-3 large meals. One way to help you eat a better portion is to use smaller plates. The smaller plate will make it appear you have a lot of food, which sends a signal to the brain and then down to your stomach. When you go out to a restaurant, ask for a smaller portion size if available, especially if the item is high in calories.

Drinking Your Calories

With Coke® being oh so delicious with its bubbles, unique taste, and thirst quenching ability, it’s hard to believe that the cons outweigh the benefits. Not only is Coke® the culprit, but really any sugary drink that isn’t water. This can include Powerade®, Gatorade®, and even your morning cappuccino. These are basically empty calories you are choosing to expose your body to, which is increasing your weight and keeping you unhealthy. A solution is, and we know it’s difficult, put down the Coke can and walk away. With meals, it’s better to drink water, as it will help you feel full. When you want a Coke or other soft drink, consider it a treat for the day, not a constant habit. If coffee is your vice, try to be conscious about the sugar and cream content within the steaming cup.

Not Reading Labels

When the words “Fat-Free” hit the market, people were ecstatic. You mean there’s a way to have ranch dressing and not gain weight?! Wrong. This label is misleading as is anything stating there’s no fat, or low in fat. When you look at a food label, you need to pay attention to the other ingredients within the product. Sugar is the main thing to look for because too much sugar can throw off your insulin balance, which can cause weight gain. One thing you can try, and we know it is difficult, is to cut out processed foods altogether. However, we did see in our last post how foods rich in fiber and other nutrients are good for you and can be tasty at the same time.

As you can see, most of the things on our list are habits you need to change. When introducing medical weight loss into your life, we will help you get the results you deserve, Our program isn’t about telling you about what you’re doing wrong. It’s about educating you and teaching how to live a better life when it comes to nutrient consumption. Our medical weight loss professionals are caring, compassionate, and are here for all your medical weight loss needs. Learn why we are the best in Buckhead, and come to Innovative Health and Wellness today!

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