Signs That It’s Time to Try Medical Weight Loss

23 May 17

How many diets have you tried over the years? If you’ve struggled with your weight for most of your adult life, there is a good chance you’ve been on every diet out there. You’ve had some success with some and on some, you haven’t. Either way, if you are searching for yet another dieting solution, that’s the first sign that it might be time to explore medical weight loss. Under the guidance of our Buckhead team, you’ll enjoy a diet regimen that could include:

  • Customized nutrition plans
  • Customized exercise programs
  • Prescription appetite suppression
  • B12 injections
  • and more

All these factors work together to help you drop as much as 30 pounds in 30 days.
Wondering if our medical weight loss program in Buckhead is the right solution for your weight loss struggles? Here are some of the signs.

Do These Weight Loss Struggles Sound Familiar?

You’ve tried every diet out there.

Maybe it’s been Atkins, the Grapefruit Diet, the Cayenne Pepper Cleanse, the Cambridge Diet, the 5-and-2, South Beach Diet, Paleo Diet, Whole 30, WeightWatchers or the Macrobiotic Diet. Maybe your friends tried it and swore by it or you read about it in a magazine or an online article at 3 a.m. and started it the next day. Whatever the diet and whatever the results, if you’ve tried more than a few of the diets listed above (and could list several more), it’s time to get off of the fad diets and get on something that works.

You’ve been down…up…down…and up again.

Yo-yo dieting isn’t just frustrating, it’s bad for your health. Gaining back the weight puts stress on your body, raising your blood pressure and cholesterol and putting you at risk of serious medical problems like heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Losing weight is a great thing for your body and your health. You’ll take pressure off of your internal organs, help your heart work more efficiently, and gain more lean muscle in your body. Gaining weight, especially when you do it again and again, can put you at higher risk for a myriad of diseases.

Nothing you do seems to help you lose weight.

Maybe yo-yo dieting isn’t an issue for you because you can’t seem to lose weight no matter what you do. This might be the most frustrating weight loss issue of all because you might be doing everything right and not seeing any results. Your lack of weight loss might not be a sign that you are doing anything wrong. You might need the help of an experienced professional to help you pinpoint the issue and find the solution that helps the weight melt off.

You have 30 or more pounds to lose.

This is a significant amount of weight to lose and it’s not something you’ll want to do on your own. Losing this much weight should be carefully done so it doesn’t put too much stress on your internal systems. Medical weight loss can help ensure you are doing it in the smartest, healthiest way possible. It helps you formulate the lifestyle and habits that you’ll need to keep the weight off.

You are tired of struggling with your weight.

We get it. Losing weight takes dedication and time. We’ll make sure you get the support and help that you need to get it done right. Let us show you what medical weight loss can do for you. Give us a call or contact us through our website for more information and to schedule a consultation on medical weight loss today.

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