The Far-Reaching Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

14 Jun 16

Jenny Craig’s got nothin’ on us.

Not that we have anything against Jenny, or the gang over at WeightWatchers or Slimgenics, it’s just we know that what we have to offer our clients at Innovative Health and Wellness in Buckhead is far superior to the average weight loss center. Though their intentions are good, the results simply don’t compare.

How could they? Weight loss is a seriously complicated matter that is compounded by uniquely personal factors and can hardly be approached in a one-size-fits-all manner. Only through personalized consultations, physical exams and diagnosis can we find the key that releases your body’s ability to function and burn fat at its highest level. As integrative wellness professionals, our results have proven, time and time again, that a medical approach far exceeds that of the retail, corporate weight loss centers. Our patients in Buckhead consistently report the following results and benefits of following our programs:

  • Completely personalized program – With exercise, nutrition and caloric intake requirements being set only after your initial consultation and exam, we create a treatment plan that is meant for your specific lifestyle needs. We then analyze your progress and make adjustments to any appetite suppressants when needed in order to boost further weight loss.
  • Comprehensive medical supervision – Knowing that every aspect of their personal weight loss plan has been carefully outlined, patients experience the confidence of knowing that what they’re doing is sure to deliver the quick, even outstanding, results that they’ve been longing for. With doctors and health care professionals in consistent contact with their clients, every member of the staff is assured the safety of every patient.
  • True results that are sure to last – Too often in the world of weight loss, what looked like amazing results turned into yet another round of disappointments as the lost weight soon returned with a vengeance. By participating in a program that approaches weight loss sensibly and from a medical standpoint, clients’ results have proven to be highly-effective and long-lasting.

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