Which Counts for Better Weight Loss: Diet or Exercise

17 Aug 16

Medical Weight Loss Experts Recommend Sticking to Both

After all our talk about nutrition and it’s effect on weight loss and health, we thought we might switch gears a little this week and discuss exercise. Though both are the main components of healthy weight loss, the question often arises “which is more important?”

Many medical weight loss experts now say that if you had to choose between diet and exercise, you’ll want to watch what you eat. Because weight loss depends on the reduction of calories, it is easier to not consume them rather than trying to burn them off.

While it is recommended to marry diet and exercise, the truth is, you may eat more after a work out. While exercise does burn calories, it often increases appetite. Unfortunately causing many to consume more than intended. Furthermore, the calorie burn from workouts often plateaus, leaving it even more important to watch how many you consume.

That being said, for truly effective, healthy weight loss, the two must go hand-in-hand. Exercise delivers a bounty of health benefits that protect from illness and improve quality of life. Don’t discount these benefits by any means.

If you have been struggling with weight loss lately we can help you discover a brand new you. Our medically-based weight loss system has been proven to help thousands lose weight and become healthier. Find out more now by calling our Buckhead location at 404-566-8950.



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