7 Healthy Tips for a Better Memorial Day Weekend

22 May 14

7 Healthy Tips for a Better Memorial Day WeekendMemorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, so make the most of this opportunity to enjoy the (hopefully) good weather, kick back and relax with family and friends. If you are leading a healthy lifestyle and are concerned about Memorial Day (with the grill and the burgers and the cakes) ruining your plans, here’s what you can do to make the holiday healthier.

Healthy Switches

  1. Swap a high-fat, high-calorie main dish for a healthier alternative – for example, choose a turkey burger or a chicken burger instead of a hamburger, or have grilled chicken breast. If you want to eat a burger, skip the bread and enjoy it in a low-cal wrap or even some lettuce leaves.
  2. Swap calorie-laden snacks for healthier choices. Chips are out, and unsalted nuts are in. Choose popcorn or eat fruit salad instead of cookies.
  3. Change your sides for something healthier. Often the sides are most appetizing – potato salad, fries, mac n cheese…. Serve yourself a small portion or go for a healthier alternative like quinoa or bean salad, veggie kebabs, hummus dip or guacamole, or rice salad made with low-cal mayo and brown rice.

Preparations for Health

  1. Don’t turn up at the party hungry as you are highly likely to cave into temptation. Eat a large healthy breakfast or have a healthy snack before you leave home.
  2. Go prepared to be active. When you play sport or games, go for a walk or a swim, or get active in the kayak or canoe you burn calories, which makes it easier to enjoy Memorial Day food without the negative consequences. If no one else has arranged any activities, put the suggestion forward – people love to have fun in the open air, and will be waiting for the opportunity.

Safe Drinking

  1. Don’t get all of your calories from alcohol, which is one sure-fire way to mess up your healthy eating plans. Stick to one drink or two drinks, and have red or white wine, or light beer. Avoid the cocktails and mixed drinks, which are full of sugar.
  2. Keep hydrated with plenty of water. Carry a water bottle around with you so you don’t get thirsty – thirst can lead to you eating more. Make water more interesting by adding slices of lemon or lime, and alternate between sparkling and still water.

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