6 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp

31 Jul 14

6 Ways to Keep Your Brain SharpYou realize your body needs a workout in order to stay healthy and fit, but what about your brain? As you get older you may start experiencing temporary lapses in memory, or feel that your brain is not working as quickly as it used to. You need to stretch your mind and keep it fit so you can stay mentally alert even as you age. Fortunately it is simple to keep your brain in good shape, by following some commonsense advice for mental sharpness.

  1. Take a class or sign up for further education. Learning new things keeps your brain sharp, and helps you process new information more efficiently. Choose something you feel passionate about and will enjoy taking part in such as learning a new language, a history course, or a singing group.
  2. Do the crossword on a regular basis and complete word puzzles and games. Keeping your brain active in this way helps to cut your risk of dementia and also helps to open up new pathways in the brain which keeps you thinking clearly even as you age.
  3. Switch things around so your brain doesn’t get lazy. It is easier to do things out of habit but this doesn’t help your brain stay limber. Try doing things slightly differently in order to wake your brain up. For example, brush your teeth using your other hand, or hold the phone up to a different ear. Move things around in the kitchen so you are forced to think about where to find the cereal or the cups.
  4. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of green leafy vegetables, fish, and whole grains. A healthy diet benefits your entire body as well as your mind, and fish is said to help improve your cognitive functioning.
  5. Try using scent to help remember people and events. Studies show that you remember things more effectively when you associated them with a certain smell. If you surround yourself with inspiring aromas you are more likely to keep names, dates, and experiences in your mind.
  6. Meditation helps to keep your brain working as well as assists you in keeping stress in check – stress is a negative factor when it comes to keeping an active mind. Meditate for a few minutes a day to preserve your healthy brain activity.

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