Knee Therapy

knee pain imageOsteoarthritis causes deterioration of the protective fluid surrounding the joints and bones, and can result in joint pain and stiffness. In pain both during both movement and rest, and patients with osteoarthritis symptoms may also suffer reduced range of movement in the afflicted joint. These symptoms often interfere with normal activities like walking and dressing, can disrupt sleep, and osteoarthritis of the knee can cause:

• Knee tenderness

• Pain during movement of the knee

• A “catching” or “grating” sensation during movement of the knee

• Pain that prevents proper exercise of the knee, resulting in a weakening of muscles

As part of a holistic healing approach to wellness, Innovative Health and Wellness now offers Supartz knee therapy for knee pain brought on by osteoarthritis. The world’s most prescribed joint fluid therapy, Supartz is a natural solution of hyaluronan. Hyaluranon is the fluid that acts as a shock absorber and lubricant in your joints, and knee injections of this fluid act as a natural knee replacement, returning function to joints afflicted with osteoarthritis. Like chiropractic care, massage therapy, and the other alternative medicine treatments offered by Innovative Health and Wellness, Supartz therapy is intended to help patients address their medical issues in order to live healthy, happy lives.

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