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06 Jun 2016

The Link Between Chiropractic Care and Allergies


allergy relief from the experts in WoodstockPardon us, but we just figured that a sneeze was either in your distant past or your near future. During this time of year it’s almost unavoidable. Many Americans suffer from the symptoms of hay fever and allergies and the spring and summer months bring what borders on torture for those unfortunate folks. But where can one find relief without loading themselves up with drugs and antihistimines? Because allergies are simply your body’s overreaction to foreign substances and matter that it is sensitive to, allergies can be controlled by sending corrected signals to the immune system.

Though nobody truly understands why only certain people become allergic to what would be harmless substances to someone else, it is thought by many to be a misinterpretation of information by the body and the mind. The idea behind chiropractic care for the lessening of allergy symptoms is that by sending the right signals to the immune system, it will begin to react differently to environmental triggers. It is thought that misalignments in the spine cause irritation which is then misread and the reaction often includes allergic reactions.

Where many health professionals disagree to the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments for reducing allergies, many patients of ours have reported relief from hay fever and some food sensitivity problems and their symptoms. Find out how your chiropractor in Woodstock can help reduce your symptoms through a thorough wellness exam today.


31 May 2016

Can Chiropractic Care Help with Depression?

chiropractic help for depressionIt may come as a surprise to many that those who receive regular chiropractic treatments often experience mental and emotional boosts along with the physical benefits they receive. Doctors of chiropractic understand the coalition, however, as they know that every function of the body stems from the nervous system; including the brain and its mental functions. A study published by The Journal of Vertabral Subluxation Research reports that 73 percent of research participants experienced a “marked improvement” in their symptoms and their severity. Participants received postural analysis, exams, x-rays and chiropractic adjustments for upper cervical misalignment. Within just two weeks, the majority of patients found relief from their depression.

Besides chiropractic care, we recommend a healthy diet and some form of daily exercise. Studies have proven that by boosting levels of dopamine, moderate exercise can help prevent bouts of depression. Because depression can have detrimental effects on our physical bodies it is important that we view the body as working in conjunction with the mind and spirit and treat it as holistically as possible. Depression has been shown to cause chronic joint pain, gastrointestinal issues, insomnia appetite changes and may accelerate the aging process.

If talk therapy and prescriptions have not helped to completely alleviate your depression, we would love the opportunity to help. By examining you for the existence of upper cervical subluxations, and providing ongoing treatments, your chiropractor in Woodstock may just be able to lighten the load. Call us at 678-233-2926 for a personal consultation today.

23 May 2016

What’s Really Causing that Morning Neck Pain?

With Your Chiropractor’s Help, You Can Find Lasting Relief

neck pain relief WoodstockJenny woke in the morning with neck pain frequently enough that she had begun to simply accept it. But it was when she started to wake during the night because of painful tingling and numbness in her fingers and hands that she began to take her issue seriously. After several years of just accepting the nagging stiffness, she finally decided to visit her chiropractor in Woodstock to find relief. Funny enough, the solution to her neck problem was simple but tri-fold. Jenny’s bedtime rituals and patterns were all wrong.

First, Jenny’s pillow was the wrong type for her favored sleeping position. Though she had switched to a contoured foam pillow after understanding that her flat feather pillow may be the problem, she was still experiencing neck pain in the morning. Why? Because most molded foam pillows are designed and constructed for the back sleeper. Side sleepers need to support the weight of their head without causing additional strain on the neck.

Second, Jenny admitted that she often sleeps on her stomach, especially during cold winter nights as it makes her feel cozier. Big mistake. Stomach sleepers cause themselves ongoing neck pain by causing their neck to become unbalanced as the head is usually turned towards one side; stretching the muscles along one side of the neck while contracting those along the other.

Finally, Jenny enjoyed reading just before retiring for the night. She would prop her pillow up behind her as she drew her knees in and read for as much as an hour some nights. The angle at which she set her neck in order to read was causing stress and strain that professed itself when she woke in the morning. A lap desk which supports a book or e-reader at a level where your neck and head are at a natural angle was recommended.

After adjusting her sleep position and using the proper pillow and lap desk, Jenny finally found the neck pain relief that she had accepted as a part of growing older. With just a couple of chiropractic treatments and these changes to her nightly habits Jenny is living pain-free.



16 May 2016

Numbness or Tingling: What Your Body Could be Trying to Tell You

relieve numbness and tingling with chiropractic care And How your Chiropractor in Woodstock can Help

You may want to believe that that irritating pins-and-needles feeling in your fingertips or toes is just a temporary nuisance more than anything else, but the fact is, your body could be sending you signals of a serious issue. Sure, you may just be in need of a chiropractic adjustment, or (even less concerning) you simply fell asleep in a strange position. But, because recurring numbness and tingling is a symptom of some very serious health issues, its not one that should be discounted and overlooked. Make sure to see your chiropractor in Woodstock and your primary physician if you are concerned your symptoms point toward the following health conditions:

  • Diabetic neuropathy – Because high blood sugar is known to damage nerve fibers, the hands and feet of diabetics are prone to numbness and tingling that may graduate to stabbing pain. Other early signs of diabetes include digestive, urinary and blood vessel problems among others.
  • Cervical spondylosis – Usually brought on through bouts of dehydration and aging, this spinal condition affects the joints and discs in the neck. It is also known as cervical osteoarthritis.
  • Churgg-Strauss Syndrome – Often accompanied by rashes, GI bleeding and hay fever, the numbing and tingling caused by this condition is due to restricted blood flow.
  • Essential thrombocythemia – Most-commonly affecting women aged 50 or older, this rare disorder of the blood causes numbness, tingling, headaches, vision disorder and light-headedness. Essential thrombocythemia is considered a somewhat rare but chronic condition noted by the over-production of blood platelets.

It’s often easy to ignore symptoms, believing that they’ll go away on their own. But because the body responds quickly and correctly to inconsistencies at all levels, it is imperative that you see a chiropractor to relieve the subluxations that could be the cause of your numbness and tingling. Schedule your next treatment now at 678-233-2926.

09 May 2016

Living Pain Free After an Auto Accident

How Your Chiropractor in Woodstock Can Help

chiropractor Woodstock Lindsey knew she was in trouble within just minutes after a car had slammed into the side of her vehicle; pinning her temporarily behind the steering wheel. But the pain she felt at the scene, paled in comparison to what she began to experience over the few days and weeks after the crash. Intense pain radiated from her neck, down between her shoulder blades and caused her to experience fleeting numbness in her arms and hands. She also began to get throbbing headaches that she found little relief from. Luckily, Lindsey had sought medical attention immediately following the accident but was left wondering what options she had for ridding herself of the recurring pain. Because she wished to avoid taking the inordinate amounts of pain medication prescribed to her, she soon decided to try alternative methods to find relief.

After an initial consultation and full physical examination at Innovative Health and Wellness, our team of chiropractors and doctors were able to help Lindsey by establishing a chiropractic treatment plan that included weekly adjustments and at-home exercises that promoted healing of her injured areas. Within months, Lindsey was able to enjoy pain-free and complete functionality; improving her physical and mental wellness and er overall quality of life.

Though Lindsey’s story is completely unique, and results vary between patients, we often experience the joy of helping a patient regain their livelihood after a car accident. With years of experience, backed by cutting-edge equipment and innovative techniques, our team of chiropractors and healthcare professionals are skilled in helping patients recover after personal injury leaves them in unrelenting pain.

Find out more about our chiropractic techniques and procedures by calling our Woodstock office to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you at 678-233-2926.


04 May 2016

How to Purge the Pill

As your Chiropractor in Woodstock, we can Help End the Need for Daily Pain Medication

chiropractor WoodstockWe’re a nation of addicts. The number of Americans that take pain medication, whether prescription or over-the-counter, is burgeoning to epidemic amounts and show no signs of dropping. It has been reported by dailymail.com that Americans consume more than 80 percent of the world’s supply of pain killers. At more than 110 tons of it in 2012 alone, it has been linked to almost 15,000 deaths per year. And yet, the push for drug-fueled pain relief rages on.

We’ve all seen those pain medication commercials that show the delivery driver taking pill after pill of his over-the-counter pain medication just to be able to get through his day. The advertiser is promoting the use of their meds that allow him to reduce the number of actual pills he takes in favor of their two. What’s not being stressed is why this man is in need of constant pain relief. The question should be why we look to chemically-based products to aid in our living in optimal health; or why traditional western medicine doctors continue to prescribe what equates to poison for many, turning their profession into what others claim to be legalized drug pushing.

With a new focus on holistic health and drug-free living, many are now looking to end their dependency on all pain killers. At Innovative Health and Wellness, our entire focus is to aid our valued patients in living life to its fullest by providing the tools needed for optimal wellness. We believe that, through chiropractic care, nutrition counseling and other therapies, we can help those looking to end the need for daily pain medication. Find out more by scheduling your personal consultation with your woodstock chiropractor now.


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    Before:235lbs, Now 165lbs, Goal 155lbs.
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