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The Link Between Chiropractic Care and Allergies

Gesundheit. Pardon us, but we just figured that a sneeze was either in your distant past or your near future. During this time of year it’s almost unavoidable. Many Americans suffer from the symptoms of hay fever and allergies and the spring and summer months bring what borders on torture for those unfortunate folks. But… read more

Can Chiropractic Care Help with Depression?

It may come as a surprise to many that those who receive regular chiropractic treatments often experience mental and emotional boosts along with the physical benefits they receive. Doctors of chiropractic understand the coalition, however, as they know that every function of the body stems from the nervous system; including the brain and its mental… read more

What’s Really Causing that Morning Neck Pain?

With Your Chiropractor’s Help, You Can Find Lasting Relief Jenny woke in the morning with neck pain frequently enough that she had begun to simply accept it. But it was when she started to wake during the night because of painful tingling and numbness in her fingers and hands that she began to take her… read more

Numbness or Tingling: What Your Body Could be Trying to Tell You

And How your Chiropractor in Woodstock can Help You may want to believe that that irritating pins-and-needles feeling in your fingertips or toes is just a temporary nuisance more than anything else, but the fact is, your body could be sending you signals of a serious issue. Sure, you may just be in need of… read more

How to Purge the Pill

As your Chiropractor in Woodstock, we can Help End the Need for Daily Pain Medication We’re a nation of addicts. The number of Americans that take pain medication, whether prescription or over-the-counter, is burgeoning to epidemic amounts and show no signs of dropping. It has been reported by that Americans consume more than 80… read more

How your Chiropractor Can Help Relieve you of that Headache

Approaching recurring headaches with a holistic health plan The nausea. The blurred eyesight. The unrelenting pain. The extreme sensitivity to both light and sound. The sheer exhaustion. Those that suffer from migraines know and understand the signs of an oncoming migraine and though they take precautions to avoid them, once they begin, migraines are unstoppable.… read more

Help for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Even with easy access to chiropractic treatments, acupuncture and other alternative health care, many Americans still choose to undergo invasive back surgery rather than attempt less painful modes of care. Though the reasons for doing so vary, many back surgery patients find that the procedure left them with little results; some even experience new pain… read more