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05 Oct 2015

Common Misconceptions Regarding Chiropractic Care

At Innovative Health and Wellness, as one of the top Woodstock chiropractors, our doctors and staff embrace a holistic approach to wellness; incorporating both traditional and natural healing methods. However, it happens that people are often skeptical and even nervous about chiropractors. In an effort to debunk a few common myths, we’ve compiled just a few in order to help you feel more comfortable about seeking chiropractic care. Here are just a few of the misconceptions that exist about chiropractic care:

  • Chiropractic care and adjustments are for people of certain ages. FALSE! This couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, a chiropractor can help relieve pain and other symptoms from people of all ages – from babies to seniors. How is this possible? This is because chiropractors are trained to improve and increase the range of motion, balance, and coordination in patients. In addition, chiropractic adjustments promote healthy brain and nervous system development that may help with a number of other issues such as sleep disorders, asthma, allergies, and more.
  • Once you go to the chiropractor, you’ll have to keep going back and seeing him or her forever. It’s a commonly held belief that once you initially go to the chiropractor, that you’re required or at least advised to continue seeing them every week for the rest of your life. Not true at all! Chiropractors do not require or advise patients to come in for continuous care if symptoms are not apparent.
  • Getting a chiropractic adjustment is going to hurt! This is another common misconception but it simply isn’t true. Many people find that their adjustments are more comfortable than expected. This is because chiropractors learn how to relax the spine and know when pressure must be applied for a pain-free adjustment.
06 Feb 2015

Good and Bad Exercises for Back Pain

Low Back PainMany Americans suffer from back pain that can be the result of any number of issues. It could be from a sports injury, scoliosis, general aging, damaged muscles, spinal issues, and many other problems. Often times, people either push through the pain and ignore it or they try to heal themselves with over the counter pain killers and heating pads. While these quick fixes may help, they certainly don’t resolve the root of the problem. One of the best things people can do for their back is to do everyday strengthening. Over time, this can be great for creating a better support system for the back. However, it has to be done right so here are a few good and bad examples of some back strengthening exercises:

 Bad Examples….

 Toe Touches:  These can be painful because they engage many muscles at once and can stretch out ligaments that may be damaged or strained. If you feel a sharp pain in your back, you may be doing more bad than good. Toe touches should be avoided until the muscles in the back are strong enough to perform the exercise without discomfort.

 Sit-Ups: Doing this abdominal exercise can actually be painful on the discs in the back. If you have a herniated or ruptured disc, this can put undue strain on it causing more damage. Many people often become unstable half way up and they feel sharp pains in the lower back. This is another exercise that should only be attempted if the individual already has some level of back strength.

 Good Examples….

 Half Crunches: This exercise is great for strengthening the entire core from the abdominals to the lower back. It is a mild exercise, so it is appropriate for people who have mild to moderate back pain. Lying on your back, knees bent, and arms crossed, lift your shoulders off the ground. Lower back down after a few seconds. Repeat this for 10 repetitions.

 Wall Sits: This exercise puts most of your weight to your legs while still engaging your back muscles for balance. It strengthens your legs, your core, and your lower back muscles. With your back against the wall, lower yourself into a sitting position while leaning against the wall. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds.

At Innovative Health and Wellness, we can provide a number of different non-surgical services that target the root of your back pain problems. Fill out the contact form below and we will get right to you to schedule your FREE consultation!


05 Nov 2014

4 Things Innovative Health and Wellness Will Do to Help Your Back Pain


Back_Pain-002-250x250Trying to overcome and just deal with back pain is a losing battle for many of the patients we’ve seen in the Atlanta area. Back pain can be the result of herniated discs, muscle weakness, bone spurs, or failed back surgeries. All of these can causes significant back pain that over time, can have negative effects on your work life and your home life. Sometimes, you apply some at-home remedies that can help you to achieve temporary relief. Over-the-counter medications, ice and heat applications, and regular exercise and stretching can help to alleviate some of the back pain. However, over the long-term, these don’t resolve the underlying issue. We strive to help you to not only treat the symptoms you’re experiencing, but also the root of the problem. We utilize a holistic and integrated approach to healthcare so that you can get the most comprehensive treatment possible. Here are some of the services we like to employ to help you achieve a better lifestyle and healthier you:

Chiropractic practices go back for thousands of years, resulting in a very effective treatment for patients with spinal issues. Using gentle pressure and massage techniques we can reposition and adjust the spine to aid in posture and spinal issues. Patients often leave feeling rejuvenated since nutrients and water are released from the spine during the process. It often becomes a regular treatment for many people.

Utilizing a motorized table, we can gently stretch and elongate the spine to release pressure on it and promote relaxation and blood flow. This often releases essential nutrients that are beneficial to the healing process. This is one of the best methods for treating a herniated disc or a bulging disc issue as it can put the disc back in position.

When you have sharp pains in your back, it can be the result of highly irritated spots within the muscles that knot up and cause pain. This can be triggered through typical movements or simple tasks, making every day living frustrating. Trigger Point Injections work to relax the muscles, relieving the muscle pain and promoting blood circulation.

Physical Therapy at Innovative Health and Wellness is a comprehensive plan catered to the needs of each patient. Some of the treatments within Physical Therapy can include exercising, stretches, massage therapy, and medical pain relief. It is a completely holistic and integrated approach dedicated to improving the lifestyle of the patient and helping them reach their health goals.



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22 Oct 2014

Herniated Discs and Stretches You Can do at Home

Often, people try to push through back pain and neck pain, thinking that if they go to a doctor, they will have to go through surgical treatment. This prolonged pain can be more damaging to the individual. A herniated disc, or bulging disc as it is often referred to, can be painful and frustrating.  This is where the rubber-like disc in between vertebrae ruptures or slides out of position, causing muscle tension, mobility limitations, and sometimes pinched nerves.  More often than not, this can be corrected through non-surgical means. At Innovative Health and Wellness, our Spinal Decompression service has helped many patients in the Woodstock area for back pain and neck pain. After a thorough examination, we employ a specialized table that uses motorized traction to gently decompress the spine, encouraging the flow of water and nutrients for maximum healing. Patients leave feeling rejuvenated and pain free after just one session. Give us a call today to find out how you can set up your free consultation!

Here are a few stretches you can try at home to help bring some pain relief:


Chin Tuck:

Start sitting in the upright position in a chair or on the bed. Keeping your back straight, slowly pull your chin into your chest. You should have a double chin if done correctly. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds. This will help decompress the upper spine and will bring neck pain relief. Be careful to move slowly because rapid movement may pinch nerves.


Shoulder Blade Stretch

Sitting in the upright position with your hands by your side, squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold for 10-15 seconds. Then do the opposite and pull them apart while slightly leaning forward. This stretch moves the upper spine around, freeing up water and nutrients to flow a little better.


29 Apr 2014

All about Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

Back PainIf you suffer from back pain you are probably searching for a solution that will help you become more mobile, with less discomfort. Back pain can be a seriously disabling condition or simply an inconvenience – either way; it is important to treat back pain promptly so you can live a normal life and reduce the risk of serious complications occurring in the future. One effective treatment for back pain is chiropractic. Chiropractic treatment includes a series of spinal manipulations that are designed to realign the spine and help reduce pain levels in the body. (more…)

22 Apr 2014

How Does Rehabilitation Therapy Benefit Your Health?

Rehabilitation Therapy Rehabilitation therapy, otherwise known as physical therapy or occupational therapy, benefits your mental and physical health in a number of different ways. When you pick rehabilitation therapy as a means of recovering from illness or injury, you are helping your body get back to its pre-injury norms. And because the therapy does not rely on prescription medication, you do not need to worry about drug side effects and dependency issues. Here are some of the ways rehabilitation therapy helps you. (more…)


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Before:235lbs, Now 165lbs, Goal 155lbs.
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