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07 Jul 2017

Relieve Headaches with Chiropractic Care

Anyone who’s ever suffered from a headache knows how painful they can be. Yet there are a variety of headaches which have different symptoms and side effects. Thankfully, chiropractic adjustments are a great treatment for headaches. Not only does chiropractic help reduce the pain and discomfort a headache can cause, receiving regular chiropractic care helps to minimize the frequency at which a headache strikes. Additionally, consistent chiropractic adjustments helps you manage the symptoms attributed with headaches. At Innovative Health & Wellness, helping you maintain your health and wellness is of the utmost importance.    

Common Types of Headaches

Below is a list of some of the most common types of headaches that people suffer from regularly:

  • Tension

Tension headaches are the most common headaches caused by muscle contraction of the head, face, and neck. Whether brought on by long hours spent staring at a computer screen, or a painful side-effect of stress, tension headaches trigger mild to moderate pressure, and can last from a few minutes to several hours. Many people describe tension headaches as a dull, continuous pain that forms a band around the head and behind the eyes.   

  • Migraines

Anyone who’s ever suffered from a migraine knows just how painful and debilitating they can be. Migraine headaches are a more chronic condition which affect people in different ways. Migraine symptoms include severe throbbing, pulsating, or pounding pain in a focused area of the head and are generally one-sided. Eye pain, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sound, and/or smell, visual impairments like auras, and intense pain often accompany migraines. Stress, food allergies, dehydration, changes in barometric pressure, injuries, and even heredity can trigger these painful headaches. Migraines typically last anywhere from a few hours to, in the most severe cases, several days.

  • Headaches from Colds, Sinuses, and Allergies

Colds, sinus infections, and allergies trigger headaches related to nasal and sinus

congestion. Sinus swelling and nasal passage blockage causes pressure to build in the sinuses, which often leads to painful, pulsating headaches that generally involve one side of the face and head. Like migraines, these headaches can impair the vision due to the increased amount of pressure experienced around the eyes. These headaches vary in duration.

How Does Chiropractic Care Relieve Headaches?

After receiving a thorough examination, our chiropractors will determine the best method for treating your individual headache needs. Muscle work and spinal manipulation (spinal adjustment) help realign the spine and reduce stress, while also improving spinal and nervous system function. Not only do our compassionate chiropractors treat your headache during an office visit, they also provide you with nutritional insights for healthy eating habits, make recommendations for improving your posture and sleep patterns, while also offering treatments that address allergy-related headaches.  

At-Home Care In Between Chiropractic Adjustments

While there are different causes for a variety of headaches, one sure way to help reduce a headache during your day is by stretching your neck, shoulders, and back to help decrease muscle tension that contributes to headaches. Avoid clenching your teeth while working or at night when you’re sleeping, which minimize muscle tension in the face, head, and neck. Additionally, staying hydrated helps reduce the risk for tension and migraine headaches.

If you suffer from headaches and are seeking a holistic approach to treating and relieving associated symptoms, please contact our experienced team of healthcare professionals at Innovative Health & Wellness in Buckhead. We look forward to helping you heal.

26 Jun 2017

Ways to Prevent Travel Aches

Summer is the perfect time to travel. Whether it’s sightseeing road trips or long plane rides, traveling means extra hours spent sitting. Prolonged sitting in a car or on a plane can wreak havoc on your back. Mild to excruciating pain makes it difficult to walk, stand, or participate in physical activities. Don’t let back pain get in the way of your fun. We at Innovative Health & Wellness want you to enjoy your summer travels to the fullest. Therefore, we’ve compiled a few suggestions to help you prevent travel aches this summer.

Travel Light & Be Careful When Lifting

Packing for a vacation can be one heck of an undertaking. Yet packing efficiently can save your  neck and back when lifting your luggage. For most airlines, the maximum size for carry-ons is 45 inches, which is still a lot to lift overhead when your bag is packed to the brim. Also, check all bags that weigh more than five to ten percent of your body weight. Try to maintain good posture when lifting your luggage. Lift with your legs, not your back.  If your luggage is too heavy or awkward to lift, ask for help. Here are some tips to follow when lifting your luggage:

  • Feel free to stretch lightly before and after lifting.
  • Get your body as close as possible to your baggage.
  • Position your feet at least shoulder width apart for maximum stability; a narrow stance sets you up for instability that can cause injury.
  • Engage your core for spinal stability and low back injury prevention. When the deep core muscles are activated, the superficial spinal muscles will be less engaged, preventing you from straining them.
  • Remember, your leg muscles are stronger than your back muscles. Bend your knees and hips while keeping your back straight as you lift the object.
  • Be sure to breathe! Take a breath before lifting, exhaling as you lift.

Bring Your Own Back Support

A good lumbar support for your lower back reduces pain and aches caused by sitting. Back supports are usually lightweight, and fit easily into most car and airplane seats. Bring along over-the-counter pain medication like acetaminophen to help minimize inflammation triggered by prolonged sitting. Additionally, you might also pack topical pain-relief gels or creams like Biofreeze, Sombra, or Bengay for fast relief. Icing your back after a long day of travel helps reduce pain, soreness, and inflammation.

Get Moving and Hydrate

Remaining in a static position for extended amounts of time places added stress on your spine, causing pain and muscle stiffness. Standing for a few minutes helps relieve pressure on the spine, whereas walking around and stretching helps get the blood flowing. Drink lots of water while you’re traveling to replenish your muscles with nutrients and oxygen.

We at Innovative Health & Wellness hope these tips will help keep you healthy and happy during your travels this summer. Schedule a chiropractic appointment with our health experts prior to, and upon returning from, your vacation to maintain peak health and wellness. We look forward to helping you heal and hope you enjoy your summer adventures!

21 Jun 2017

4 Tips for a Healthy & Fun Summer

Even though the summers are hot and humid in the Atlanta area, people still love getting outdoors to enjoy the summer sun. Staying active and getting exercise this summer is a huge health benefit, but an active lifestyle can sometimes lead to musculoskeletal pain and injury. However, there are easy steps you can take to stay healthy this summer. At Innovative Health & Wellness, we want to help you enjoy your summer to the fullest. Our health experts have compiled a list of some simple tips to help you and your loved ones stay healthy all summer long.  

Stretch & Stay Limber

Whether you’re doing yard work, hitting the golf courses, or taking a stroll around Woodstock’s historic sites, summertime is a prime time for increased outdoor activities. Light daily stretching helps you stay limber and flexible. While it’s best to stretch properly on a daily basis, it’s especially important to stretch before and after any rigorous activity. Think about how much better your golf swing will be if your muscles are loose! Regular stretching helps improve range of motion, which greatly enhances peak performance. Before engaging in physical activity, be sure to stretch those muscles to reduce the risk of muscle strain, injury, spasm, and fatigue.

Protect Your Skin from the Elements

Be mindful of your time spent in the sun and humidity. While sunshine provides vitamin D that is excellent for your health, slather on the sunscreen before heading outdoors. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher that provides broad spectrum coverage and is water and sweat resistant (especially considering Atlanta’s humidity). To remain protected from powerful UV rays throughout the day, be sure to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

As most of you know, summers in the South are hot and humid. With the extra summer humidity, water is crucial to maintaining energy while fighting dehydration that can lead to fatigue and heat exhaustion. Staying hydrated helps carry nutrients to your cells, improving overall body function and circulation. Always bring water bottles with you. You don’t want to get caught in traffic on a scorching day with no water. Want to keep your water cold? Fill up your water bottle and freeze it ahead of time. You’ll have cold water that lasts for hours! Also, be sure to pack extra water for your furry friends, even if it’s just a quick trip.  

Schedule Regular Chiropractic Treatments

To help support optimum health and wellness this summer, make time for your chiropractic care. Maintaining regular chiropractic treatments also allows our experienced health professionals at Innovative Health & Wellness to evaluate and assess your pain and discomfort that often accompanies elevated physical activity. Receiving regular chiropractic adjustments helps restore joint mobility while also helping your body heal from  injury, soreness, and fatigue. In order to maintain your active lifestyle and improve your overall performance this summer, keep up on your chiropractic care and at-home wellness. Please call us with any questions or concerns about your summer health or to schedule a free consultation.

31 Dec 2015

How Your Chiropractor Can Help with Recurring Headaches

After as many years practicing chiropractic in Woodstock GA as we have, we’ve become very familiar with those patients that suffer from chronic and repeated headaches. Often, our newer patients also have the unfortunate experience of dealing with migraines on a fairly routine basis and seek out a chiropractor in hopes of alleviating the pain. Recurring headaches are some of the most common complaint we hear from clients, rating just under neck and back pain, as initial reasons for them setting their appointment. But where headaches themselves seem to be as ubiquitous to modern life as mobile devices, their causes and types can be highly varied.

According to the National Headache Foundation, more than 45 million Americans suffer from several types of recurring headaches. The most common of these include:

  • Tension headaches – Usually caused by tightening muscle contractions and cause mild to moderate pain that is known to come and go.
  • Migraines – Where the cause of migraines still remains a mystery, it is estimated that 28 million Americans suffer from the pain that can be at times, quite severe. Symptoms that are associated with migraines include nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, vomiting and abdominal and stomach pain and upset. Migraines have been known to last anywhere from a few hours to three days in length.
  • Cluster headaches – With severe pain located behind one eye or in the eye region, cluster headaches, though fairly rare are considered to be the most severe of headaches. These headaches are so intense in nature that sufferers are often unable to relax or sit still. They are referred to clusters as they seem to come in groups, with attacks happening daily for time periods that can last for up to three months.
  • Hormone headaches – Often associated with changing hormone levels that result from menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, hormone headaches can last come and go during the duration of the cycle the woman is experiencing.

We provide innovative nonsurgical care that can quickly get you out of pain and teach you how to keep it from coming back. Schedule your chiropractic treatment appointment with our team by calling us at 678-233-2926 now.


10 Dec 2015

How Does Chiropractic Care Work?

The word chiropractic is derived from greek language, meaning “done by hand”. At Innovative Health & Wellness, we believe that the body has the potential to heal itself, and will do so when the body is in complete alignment. This alignment is made possible by adjusting, by hand, those subluxations in the spine that cause disruptions throughout the body’s different systems. Basically, chiropractic adjustments align the spine to remove blockages throughout the nervous system.

The nervous system, as a whole, controls each and every one of the body’s functions; from the endocrine system to the circulatory system; from the digestive to the immune, is controlled and guided by this complicated transportation system. Brain signals relay down the spinal cord, through a complicated network of nerves, to the individual body systems, which react and operate their specific functions. It is only when disruptions to that system’s signals exist, are disease and illness generated. When the nervous system is sending the signals it needs to the various functions throughout our bodies, the body simply works better in staying or getting healthy.

The spine, though complicated in form, is simple in purpose: protect the spinal cord. When we experience trauma to the spine, through daily living, bad habits or environmental influences, our spine is often negatively affected. With any misalignment of the spine, the nerves in the area can be prevented from doing their job and are unable to send clear signals to the body’s organs and systems that depend on them to work properly. This often results in illness, pain, stomach distress, headaches and loss of energy.

Chiropractors use the art and science of chiropractic medicine to detect and treat spinal misalignments, freeing the nerves from signal disruptions. Gently-delivered adjustments to the spine have been proven to provide relief from the following symptoms:

  • Back and or neck Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder Problems
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Headaches
  • Foot and ankle issues
  • Fatigue
  • Sleeplessness

Chiropractic care allows us all to fully live our lives with optimal health without pain or illness. Please contact us at either our Buckhead or Woostock locations for a free consultation now.

25 Nov 2015

Letting Your Chiropractor Get to Know You

In this age of social media posts, shares and comments, personal information seems to be aired like dirty laundry on a daily basis. So we find it mind-boggling when new patients of ours don’t want to be forthcoming regarding their personal history. What they may not understand is, that to provide the most effective and comprehensive wellness & care, and to effectively deal with their pain, their full health history is imperative. Without full disclosure of past injuries and illnesses, present problems and pain levels, and future lifestyle and wellness goals – as a chiropractor, we are treating you blindly. During your initial visit, make sure that your chiropractor in Woodstock understands everything there is to know regarding your health history and issues. Include the following so that your wellness plan is as thorough and personalized as possible:

  • Your level of pain. If pain is your reason for the visit, make sure that you are as thorough as possible in explaining where, when, how often and at what level you experience your symptoms. Be as detailed as possible when describing the type of pain you’re experiencing also; whether it is burning, aching, tingling or stabbing, etc.
  • Your medical history. When your chiropractor is attempting to formulate a care plan that is customized to your specific health needs, it is imperative to know if you’ve experienced any previous injuries like torn ligaments, broken bones or blunt force traumas like car accidents. Also, any other health problems and ailments could cause a need for adjustments in techniques or frequency of treatments so be sure to include those as well.
  • Your questions or concerns. For those who are looking into chiropractic treatments for the first time, some worry and concern is to be expected. Your chiropractor wants to hear all of your questions and concerns regarding adjustments, their efficacy, the expected length of treatment and what is to be expected. Be forthright with whatever you need to know and be ready to be open-minded with the answers.

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